• Freshstep
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    Allison, when the hell do you breathe during some of the reads on your lines?? =O.o= It’s incredible!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Evil Kraft cheese knife?

    Wait…Wait….Did he say they shot all 3 of these last Witchcraft movies at the same time in the span of 9 days?

    Not sure if Eyebrows is supposed to be a gay man who’s not into chicks, or a straight man who’s not into androgynous women.

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    With all the bizarre meta-humour layer after layer, and headspinning nonsense in this film, I’m surprised you didn’t invite Phelous–the master of unloc… I mean, meta-humour–to join you. It seems like the creators’ hearts were in the right place, but it’s a shame the time and budget constraints made the result rather lackluster. Still, relatively speaking this is a higher note to go out on than 13. I wonder if we’ll get a non-ironically good Witchcraft movie, where someone knows how to use After Effects or something. Is this series public domain? Or does some poor soul actually need to pay for the rights to make a Witchcraft movie?

  • Goldstar
    Bat Hero
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    Have we learned nothing from the 2005 Bewitched movie? Making a movie about a supernatural movie in which the actors in said movie are also supernatural is a terrible idea. If the “real” people are exactly like the characters they’re playing only with different, what’s the point?

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    If this was better written and they didn’t have the same names, I could see this working more as a movie than 15 and 14. We may have reached ultimate movieception. Ouch, my brain.

  • Rose Koneko
    Rose Koneko
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    Were these actors paid in either weed or cheese? Are these fan films or cheap porn? The last three, I mean. I know they’ve had a vibe of both in quite a few of them.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    So now we know what Wes Craven’s New Nightmare would look like on a budget of fifty bucks.

  • penpaninu
    Bat Hero
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    the impromptu director is a scream. I do love the meta aspect, but it does feel like a cheap “New Nightmare.” I agree with Otaku World Order on that 😛


    WHAT it was Lutz the whole time?? Whatta twist! Nyah that was still interesting 😛 Kudos 😛

  • yiannakis
    Old Man
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    Βγάλε μωρή κάννα Μπέιγουοτς να γουστάρουμε…

  • BB Shockwave
    BB Shockwave
    Just might make the CUT
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    By the time they made these, your reviews were out, and I doubt many other people made fun of this series, so they should have really included your jokes at the expense of the show, like “Warlock Attorney!”