• AC1TakerVergil
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    I have not been on the website much recently; looked mostly on the Yuotube channel (my channel’s name is different from what I have here; Vergillives0991 is my Youtube name). My friend Mikey and I have played the original Mortal Kombat games and the latet ones too. MK2 is broke in its gaemplay due to its throw system and Kintaro was crazy hard, especially when he throws you (I was only able to beat him in the Arcade Collection at least). I do dig the random name changes (Ninjakiller is one of my favorites) and pallet swaps (Purple Scorpion is one I honestly liked the most) in the bootleg. One of Kano’s and Raiden’s character models look like they have jaundice; someone ought to call a hospital nearby for them. Thank you for sharing a Mortal Kombat bootleg for the first time and it was fun to see it. I look forward to material for Halloween (yes, I do know of and watched Halloweenie; it has its own charm). 😀

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I’m a huge fan of “28 People”.

  • Spike
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    28 people! WOW!!
    At least they didn’t write “28 Peoples” that’s a common funny mistake on knock-offs from places like China and the like.
    So I guess they at least put the bare minimum effort of making it slightly playable and have its own select screen? Though funny that they had multiple versions of the same character, including just flipping one of them to face the opposite direction.

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    As I’m watching this video, I’m practically ROFLing at their frickin’ names, oh my frickin’ GOD. XD XD It’s so bad… so bad… Please reference these names in the future. They’re too awesome not to become stupid in-jokes. 😀 Fscking “Tom Cage” and “Ninjab,” holy shit… Can’t breathe…


  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
    Just might make the CUT
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    This bootleg GAME really does need more of ME, Quan Chi. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.