• Morphbox
    Comments: 5

    This is the best unboxing video ever. I love it when we get to see all of the quality products in these crates/boxes. Well worth spending thirty bucks on it practically every month or whatever.

  • Strongblade
    Comments: 10

    I am getting a sense that Andrew is disappointed with the contents of these “mystery’ geeky boxes. Admittedly, I have a monthly loot crate subscription, and it is quite hit or miss. But from this video, I would’ve been happy with the Fallout shirt and the Pop Vinyl figure of Clap Trap. Plus, anything Legend of Zelda (even if it has little use like a bottlecap opener) would have been nice.

    It’s all about your tastes and whether or not a specific collection of items will meet those.

    That Megaman plush looks like it had a transporter accident with Kenny from South Park… Disturbing!