• The Phantom of Pulp
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    Hooray!! Glad this is public now (circumstances prevent me from contributing via Patreon much as I’d like to: sorry)

    Loved hearing about all the back story of the crossovers: so cool!!!

    Compleatly agree with all the things you listed you dislike in writing: they’re really bug me (Jasmine is the worst token sassy chick: bugs me to no end!)

    Never thought you watch reality competition TV: learn something new every day.

    Stallone all the way: heartthrob when I was little. Will you review either of their movies?

    Hope you find Curse of Count Chocula! Maybe it would be good review material….even crossover

    46:15 I’ve been wondering this for a while. So it’s not because someone has a time turner? Bummer…

    48:00 hooray!!

    I spent so much of this video saying ‘me too’: weird.

    Super looking forward to Teen Wolf but I really didn’t like it: very scummy

    Had to google Subspiecies to know what you’re talking about

    Not Canadian bacon?….hmmmmmmm…… (sorry, but it was just there, I couldn’t resist) 😉

    By the way something weird: googling images of you for some reason I forget, I found a picture of who I’m guessing is you in a blonde wig and red dress from the National Youth Theater. ?

    Is Monster High still one of those movies that you hate?

    Also will you and Phelous do anymore lets plays, like Resident Evil or those interactive DVDs: those were so cute and amazing (POV and TLC were the only let plays I’ve ever finished)!!!

    Great video: can’t wait for your next review: your show is the best 🙂 !!

    And FIRST!! HAZZAH!!!!

  • Knightroglycerin
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    In a world of angry reviewers, you’re a very welcome ray of sunshine. Plus Ash!!! My mom and I really love your work; thanks for all the laughs, Allison!

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    Honestly, I first saw the hour+ length and thought, okay, I’m just going to skip ahead to the stupid question I submitted. Then I got drawn into the video. It’s a pretty revealing and honest Q&A. Keep it up, Allison!

  • Strongblade
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    Curse of Count Chocula. Apparently you can order a copy from one of the people involved in making the movie: GreenPasturesStudio@gmail.com. Their website no longer exists, but you might have luck with the email address.

    Also, I have to agree with Knightroglycerin. Your upbeat and generally positive feeling reviews certainly make a nice change of pace from all the angry reviewer personalities out there. It especially works well with Phelous. He always sounds so depressed in in videos… 🙂


  • Zoombie
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    I love Quantum Leap so much. My favorite episodes are when Sam Beckette PUNCHES RACISM IN THE FACE.

    It’s great.

    …though the ending is a bit, uh…weird.

  • OscarStoker
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    Oooh, someone doesn’t like Dawn Summers 😛

  • valou999
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    My money would be on Connor… Really sounds more like him.

  • nowhere
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    Ah… “Gung Ho.” A film, and later a show about a U.S. automobile factory taken over by a Japanese company. And they name it with an American term that originated in China. Marketing genius!

  • lunabuna
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    Blaaarrrgh, I want to support via Patreon, but like I’m sure a bunch of other people have said before, I can’t afford it. 🙁 I want to support the show and site somehow, though.

    I’ve been wondering: do you guys get more revenue if we click on an ad? Or do we have to click on the ad AND buy something? Because if it gets you more revenue, I’d be happy to click on any that pop up. I just doubt I can purchase much to make a difference; I keep getting Geico ads but can barely afford the car insurance I currently have, and that’s with $100s in discounts.

    Also, I’ve whitelisted phelous.com in Adblock, but I haven’t seen ads for videos pop up consistently in a long time. Is it because I don’t have YouTube whitelisted? I think it played fine on videos through DailyMotion.

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
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      I think you probably do need youtube whitelisted too for ads to play on them. I’m honestly not sure if clicking on the ads counts for more–I know it used to, but I’m not certain now. Thanks for watching and wanting to support us!

      • lunabuna
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        Thanks for the reply. 🙂 Bleh, YouTube ads. Okay, I’ll disable them when I watch your videos. Hopefully that’ll work fine. It’s not really a problem, just YouTube is *everywhere*.

        (Goddamnit, I hit Report Comment again. I kan’t reed, apparently. I’m sorry!)

  • Nadeen
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    Watched for a long time and would rather contribute to Patreon than watch Blip adds.  Thanks so much for making me laugh.

  • Nadeen
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    I’d rather contribute to Patreon than watch Blip adds.  Watched and enjoyed for a long time.   Loved Lupa and the new format but my heart belongs to Radu (did I spell it right?).   Thanks for making me laugh.

  • ljaylue
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    Yay! You love Rupaul’s Drag Race 🙂 I’d love to see a review of your favorite queens

  • penpaninu
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    considering going to patreon; been watching you for years and years ^_^ luv ya to death, keep on doing your thing

  • happymel2
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    To me, I didn’t see much of a difference between OL Presents and Movie Nights. I suppose that’s why it didn’t bother me like change usually does for me. Also, I hope Galavant gets renewed as well. Oh, and America’s Next Top Model used to be a legitimate show but in the later seasons, I don’t know what happened. LOL.

  • rdaveh
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    I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS!!! You should wear them in every video you ever make from now on always forever.