• Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie got picked up for dvd and/or blu-ray by Shout Factory.

  • Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    Hopefully no cats were harmed in the making of the movie.

    That’s not a Persian, Persian’s are much more brachycephalic (smooshed faces).

    That little girl looks more puppet than human, yeesh

    Ash! <3

  • SpeedyEric
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    I never thought all three you guys would reunite to review another crappy movie about a cat or cats.  Also, I think this movie is the closest we’re gonna get for that sequel to Dogs (reviewed by the Cinema Snob) that was never made.

    I used to have a cat, and it thankfully never acted like any of the ones in this movie, like peeing on the pillows or anything hanging in the closets.

    This movie has too many “CAAAAT!” jump scares, it would make The Nostalgia Critic think differently on End of Days.

    This movie is like an Amityville Horror film, if the house possessed a swarm of cats instead of a lamp.

    Yeah, end the movie with an evil kitten.  Surely it’s more scary than say an Alien movie showing a Chestburster in the final shot (just like in AVP).

    I saw Hidden being played late one night last week on SyFy.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    So awesome when Brad joins Allison and Phelan,its my favorite cross over xD

  • BrennemanWoods
    Old Man
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    I wish Linkara were here. He got…a disease from that chicken tenders Fat Grandma cooked.

    Once again, it’s great to see you guys do another crossover.

  • Makroth
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    Loyd always pops in at just the right time.

  • Dust
    Bat Hero
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    Cat pee, everywhere… and only Deadite Dickman saw it coming. It was always the cat pee.

  • The Phantom of Pulp
    I'm THE BEST!
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    HOORAY!!!!! Love it when you guys cross over…and about cats!!! Of course; not surprised in the slightest (nor am I surprised Brad knows more killer cat films). But should you guys be letting the cats watching this? May give them the wrong ideas, just saying. The evil cats looks like Smokey from Stuart Little. Also, is it me, or do the cats not really kill people? I expected slashing and such. Also I suspect twins are the bane of Movie Nights. And I’m sure this movie burned through laser pointers

    2:34 that line and that kid’s look a certified birth control

    14;17 and….CATIKAZIE!!

    15:00 because dogs are mean and they persecute small, easy to scare people

    15:38 yes, my brothers, yes!! Search him for pocket change and catnip….oh shot, he’s moving; run or he’ll flatten us!!!!

    16:35 I knew a cat like that; when I was small, I knew people who had over 9 cats. One of their cats was really old and was always in the kitchen, sitting in different parts of the kitchen, but always upright and away from the door, eyes fixed on the door. And whenever I walked through the kitchen, the cat would watch me, eyes transfixed on me and it’s head followed haltingly after me like it was mechanical or like an owl and it would yowl in the most haunting, demonic way ever. Still shivers when I think about it

    21;34 it’s a what film?

    24:04 it’s always weird when that happens

    That very end at the usual was super cute: you guys are so cute (so weird when you’d do stuff at the same time like face palm and look down) 🙂

    This was a fantastic review and look forward to the next one, particularly crossovers (I love it when you guys did those let’s plays like TLC or POV; found any others like that?)

    Oh, by the way, Ms. Pregler (or Allison; not sure which to say); do you no longer go by Obscurous Lupa? (also cool jacket)

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    I like the Brad/Allison/Phelan trio. They play well off each other and I’m glad they’ve gotten together again. Brad’s got the viewer numbers they don’t, but doesn’t seem to give a fuck, he’s just having fun.

  • The Phantom of Pulp
    I'm THE BEST!
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    YAAAAAY!!!!! I love it when you guys all crossover, though I’m surprised you guys didn’t do a cat film sooner (but I’m not surprised that Brad knows many other cat films. Or an evil dog film….but that because dogs are mean and chase small timid people who try to run away from them…just saying)

    The film makers probably burnt through laser pointers and cat stock sounds. The evil cat looks like Smokey from Stuart Little: by the way, is it wise to watch this around your own cats? Just wondering….

    2:35 that kid’s face and that line are the ultimate birth control

    4:10 ah yes, twins: the bane of Movie Nights 🙂

    14:17 and….CATIKAZIE!!

    15:38 Yes, yes, scour him for catnip and loose change, my brothers…oh shoot, he’s rolling: RUN OR HE’LL  FLATTEN US!!!

    21:35 it’s a what? Need to look this movie up; looks kind of cool (Love Edgar Allen Poe). And that Steven King trailer looks neat too; I’ve seen stuff like that

    31:25  is that from another video? Either way it’s great: you guys are so cute!! (through the whole video you’d do stuff at the same time like look down or face palm or something like that 🙂 )

    I knew an evil cat; this family had at least 9 cats and one of them was really old and never left the kitchen. He would move to different part of the kitchen but always sitting upright facing the door. And whenever I went in and out, it’s head would mechanically follow me, kind of like an owl’s, and it’s creepy as hell eyes would just fix on me without ever closing and it had the most evil, demonic yowl ever that it would always do without fail. Still creeps me out; wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still alive. So I completely believe this premise even though the cats don’t really ever kill anyone; it usually be accident

    Despite reminding me of childhood trauma, great video and I can’t wait for the next one, especially the next crossover (will you guys ever do another interactive DVD Let’s Play: they’re the only let’s plays I’ve ever watched the entirety of)

    Also, to Ms. Pregler (or Allison; not sure about how to address you); do you no longer go by Obscurous Lupa? (also cool jacket)

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    I have no idea what you’d consider a worthwhile price, nor what could possible be “uncensored”, but here’s a link to the uncensored DVD of “Strays”


  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Oh that’s weird the video had a second ending after Brad left. That doesn’t remind me of anything.

  • nowhere
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    You three work really well together! I would love to see more killer cat movies too – though the only ones I can think of are Uninvited and The Uncanny. Well, there’s also Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Cats, but that only exists as a sketch on SCTV…

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Realistically, if one were to move into a house filled with stray cats, every inch of carpet, hardwood, linolium, & subfloor would reek of ammonia that no amount of endless carpet cleaning would ever get rid of, & they’d have to pay sweet sweet money to have all of the floors torn up & replaced.

    Balsa wood doors; so thin you could cut them with a sneeze.

    Man can survive a fall from 3 stories…Unless there’s a table down below.

    “We must get the humans!” ::pulls out laser pen:: “Forget the humans! We must get the red dot!”

    It’d be nice if SING (1989) would get a DVD release.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    & to think this whole crisis could have been averted with 50lb of cat treats & a handful of laser pens.

    I can tell you from experience that you can never truly get the smell of cat piss out of things, even if you own a steamvac. You have to actually rip up the carpeting & sand down the subfloors.

  • happymel2
    Leader of the Decepticons
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    Aw, come on! Really?! Heck no! I love cats too much for this! LOL. Anyways, I had a blast watching this review. 😀

  • BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
    Bat Hero
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    Interesting to note you can watch this movie in its entirely on YouTube.

    Yessir, I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

  • Alienmorph
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Kinda feels like a mix of Pet Cematary, Frogs and Night of the Lepus, except without most of their more ludicrous aspects and some decent cinematography (for its genre). I feel like I could almost watch it with a straight face. Almooooost.

  • dougputhoff
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    What, no singing cat?  I am not happy.

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    06:45 , 07:55   I was kind of hoping Phelous would do his Amityville 4 Cat Voice.


    Ehhhhh…whatever.  :-/



    Wait, since the cat was possessed at the end of Amityville 4 would that make this Amityville 5 if we were to use Italian X-ploitation logic?  :-S


    Or is this “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Eviction Notice Ever?”  😛


    Or even, “I Can Haz Humanburger?”

  • Sagiri
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    A Talking Cat?