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    They didn’t move Michael and Adam into move into another cage, they are still in the original cage. Lucifer was the one that was temporarily moved from the original cage to a different cage in order to talk to him, since it was Rowena who moved Lucifer I guess they felt there was no need to explain why Rowena didn’t free Michael and Adam, because why would she?

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    Ahhh… Glad to see you guys are back 🙂  This show has become a parody of itself lol The death of Rowena… knew it was coming! The Christmas thing was just embarrassing, I was hoping that it was just a mock promo like they have done in other seasons, but NOPE!! Was actually part of the episode!!!! Misha did a great job at playing Mark playing Lucifer… He looked like he had a blast. Really hoping this show comes to an end, you can clearly see that they have just given up. The music sucks, the editing sucks, the story is…. okay. There are a few good episodes, but yeah, they really need to put this show down!

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    The show has really become self-parody and I’m pretty sure they must realize this on some level…there’s been such a scramble to merchandising at this point because I think they see the writing on the wall. It’s just kind of weird they waited until this late hour to do anything of note. They could’ve long since spun off any number of strong characters, but they keep killing them off and now all they’ve got are the limited choices that really won’t work very well as a spinoff. But people might watch them. They keep watching the donkey show Supernatural has become, so who knows.

    I loved the mention of how poorly other deities were handled in the series…really they never, ever did it well or respectfully. Just incredibly stupid and a waste of time every time. Or hamfistedly turned into “oh yeah, but they were angels, which are basically just servants to any deity, yet they’re stronger than…actual deities…somehow” because don’t question it, that’s why. This show loves to milk the angel crap long past that threadbare-from-the-start story arc’s expiration date.

    And kind of on that note, they’ll keep characters around literally nobody gives a crap about, but they love to throw away characters with tremendous potential or following. Like…could we not have thrown Garth under a bus, if anyone needed to be thrown under a bus, instead of Charlie? Because I’m pretty sure nobody cares if he turns up again, but they turned off countless fans by getting rid of Charlie, and they don’t need to lose fans at this point. They do the same thing with major villains they build up, then do nothing with, like Eve, Lilith, Abaddon…hey wait, anyone else noticing a pattern?

    The Darkness is incredibly stupid, but I have no doubt that she’ll meet an insultingly facile end that makes it feel like the wasted time it was to get there.

    The bringing up of the catchphrases that aren’t really catchphrases reminds me of fanfiction where they’re constantly overusing these terms that were only used once or twice, as if they’re Robin’s “holy ___, Batman!” But in this case it’s just sad because it just reminds the viewer that, oh hey, remember when this show was watchable? Good even, sometimes? Yeah, that’s long gone. We need to sell t-shirts at Hot Topic now before our ratings dip below the minimum threshold.

    I’ll close on this note from a telenovela I was looking at the other day. It’s relevant to the topic at least, and definitely more entertaining than Supernatural: https://youtu.be/hljwDcxN5fc