• Nobody_700
    I'm THE BEST!
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    So the actress who plays Summer got a boob job before Pamela. Huh.

    Dead children are not funny Allison. But dead children in Baywatch? Hilarious.

    PTSD in Baywatch Land can be cutting your hand on paper at this point.

    Now, I hate to say this… But I got to give Baywatch some defense. The difference between Mitch and his brother is that his brother is a loser, while Mitch (Show Mitch, not Mitch Von Malibu), is extremely talented. I mean, he’s done so many crap, his dad probably saw a possible genius, and maybe Mitch could have been. Instead, he became a lifeguard to save people and because he loves the ocean. So, his dad seeing his son reject his life as an architect is also symbolic to ‘wasting’ his potential to be someone great. For all we know, Mitch being a lawyer or a teacher could have made his dad happy, but a lifeguard? Yes, they do save lives, but they are seen in real life as just people who make sure idiots don’t drown. So yeah, I can see where Mitch’s dad is coming from.

    It’s still a dumb plot though.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    I think we should be enemies
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    Alison, please keep it up.

    These Baywatching episodes are like little nuggets of snarky joy in greasy hamburger wrappers with a side of Pepsi.

    Everytime I see a new one on the site it makes me happy!

  • king crunchy pants
    king crunchy pants
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    back then when someone got a boob job they were realistic when it came to the size.

    So have a new Eddie yet. Maybe have him come back to do commentary on episode he was not in to explain why he would never do that or why he was so much cooler then the new guy replacing him

  • chris02
    Old Man
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    Wait a second….did you voice the old man in Adam Sandlers horrific “8 Crazy Nights”? At least your impression of Summer at the beginning sounds pretty much alike 🙂

    And if you ever stop doing “Baywatching” I hope you will find something similar to talk about, because what you do is pure gold and I am always looking forward to it.

    Baywatch might have been created by an idiot, but Baywatching is genius.

  • CourtneyWoodbury
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    “Here’s something you might notice come this episode…”  Actually it’s hard to notice with the banner ad right in the way!  Lol

    No he didn’t change outfits, it’s the same one.  Only the part in the front is pink and you can’t see it at that angle.

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
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    I don’t know what it is, but Summer seems like a way better character now. Like I can really feel for her problems.