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    I haven’t seen Supernatural on TV since… wow, probably almost a decade ago, when I stumbled upon that one episode with the ghost boy in the lake while flipping through channels. Or at least, that’s the only episode I clearly remember the complete plot from. After a quick Google search, it looks like it was Dead in the Water, the third episode of Season One. Clearly, I never gave the show much of a look, even though I was always vaguely aware it existed throughout the years. Still, it’s always fun listening to you guys rip into something., no matter my past experience with the topic.

  • KeroKamina
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    it wasn’t god that smited amara in that 4th episode. those three angels said that “if you don’t come whit us every angel in heaven will smite you at the same time, even you won’t survive that” so it wasn’t god that smited her it was the angels.

  • Robanah
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    So surprised you didn’t mention anything about Crowley’s fake hand! That was bad even for Season 1 standards!!!

    Anyway, methinks that the whole teen Amara and Crowley was poke fun at Mark Sheppard as he is experiencing raising a teen for the first time in his personal life. Kind of stupid that they did that though

    So glad that someone else agrees that Crowley is way too inconsistent, they really need to make him badass again, have him become a good guy, or just get rid of him altogether. Because…. yeah…. he’s just annoying now!

    Can’t stand Amara, she’s just a whiny brat!

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    Re: the cage and trauma

    I don’t think the point was the cage was traumatic I think it was always supposedly boring, sam just happened to be LOCKED IN with the very bored guys he just fucked over so they tortured him because supernatural. So that still technically checks out.

    Still doesn’t explain the lack of PTSD flashback though from going to visit them or all the other stupid shit though!