• Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    Hopefully it’s better than 3 or 4.

  • Trixie_is_best
    Bat Hero
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    It is so good to see Tremors back, it was among my fave monster movies/series out there.  The series does need to comeback and the possibility with more movies along with a decent budget does look good so far.  Interesting ideas for the new Grabloid designs, although different they do look like they work well although it would be great to see more practical effects again.

    I am just happy to see a new Tremors movie and may buy sometime soon now, thanks for the good news Lupa and Phelous.


  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    if you look to your right, it’s Jim Carrey plopping out of a mechanical rhino.

    anyway, I haven’t seen too many films in this series. I think I only remember seeing the 1st film and maybe a small portion of one of the sequels, but that’s about it. I’m not sure why so many horror films has the cliched title of Bloodlines in it (Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, Hellraiser IV Bloodlines, and so on), but at least it turned out to be a good sequel. as far as reviving Tremors as a TV series, I’m sure they will. hell, if they can turn Critters into an online web series as well as Friday The 13th & The Exorcist (from what little information I’ve read so far), then I’m sure they can revive the Tremors TV series as well.

    on a side note, I would love to see a fan art poster of Tremors with the Grabloid mouth in the bottom & Tremor from Mortal Kombat at the top facing his back to the sun similar to The Dark Knight Rises poster of Bane. “Tremor Vs Tremors”.

  • rodro
    Just might make the CUT
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    So Allison knew about Tremors 5 the whole time! What-a-twist 😛

    I only remember watching the first one on telly long ago, everything else Tremors I discovered via OLP. But I’ve seen other cheap, recent monster films from different sources and the monsters don’t look bad in this one, for what it is.

  • SpeedyEric
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    Two years ago, I got the chance to watch the first Tremors movie during AMC’s run of horror movies for Halloween, and it’s all thanks to you, Lupa. I haven’t got the chance to watch the sequels because (In The Cinema Snob’s voice) direct-to-video sequels are ALWAYS inferior to the original theatrical film.

    3:35- What is this? The Tremors version of Blair Witch?

    7:08- And the less we mention Jaime Kennedy being in Son of the Mask, the better.

    8:13- …Isn’t that a little racist, or is it just me?

    11:15- And now we know why Lupa is wearing that Tremors meets Jurassic Park T-shirt.

    14:53- (as Schwarzenegger from True Lies) You’re fired.

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did the son reveal thing better.

    20:16- I also love that moment from KotCS.


  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    If you had actually been in Kickassia, I wouldn’t forgive you for mispronouncing Nevada. Heeheehee.

    Gummy Burts, Tremors here & there & everywhere.

    Well, the review sites for it don’t seem terribly in favor of it, but it seems to have way higher ratings than any Adam Sandler movie ever did, so I wonder if they’ll make a 6th. It seems like the series is ripe for an FPS video game, or even better….a TellTale series with multiple endings.

  • penpaninu
    Bat Hero
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    aw dude when I saw this on netflix, I knew you were going to review it! Sweet! I can’t believe Burt is back.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I didn’t know that a fifth Tremors movie was coming. I’m glad that it turned out pretty well because how well does a fifth movie turn out? Not very well.

  • WinterDeathPeach
    Just might make the CUT
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    I watch this last night with my sister and we both really liked, my sister actually liked it just as much as the first movie. However I found the death of asshole in googles to be plain weird, it’s like  “you killed it,yeah,why you kill him too?,whatever”  I was just confused by both Burt’s and the poacher’s reaction.

  • Productive Procrastination
    Old Man
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    Great Review 😀 – only just started watching you and am really enjoying your approach and perspective.

    This is random – I acknowledge this 😛

    I don’t know if you will find this reliant but – At the point you started talking about the chemical reaction and explosion propelling the Ass blasters (around the 15:40 mark) I immediately started thinking about the Bombardier Beetle who sprays a boiling hot acid when threatened – the Ass Blaster biology sounds similar. Probably – definitely – over thinking this, but this combined with the biology of flying insect thermoregulation and that of other gliding/parachuting animals + hot air balloons … could be something?? ^.^ 

    – It’s fun to think about and yes I am procrastinating

    (To lazy to look up the scholarly source so – Wikipedia)