• VoodooPriestess
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    You’re still watching? I’ll be honest, I stuck around ’til season 8 before giving up. The show became aimless and repetitive, switching and recycling character arcs.

  • Robanah
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    You guys decided to do a Supernatural Podcast this year????  Shocked! Wasn’t expecting you guys to have one for the season! But keep up the good work, love listening to this(probably the only listener of this podcast lol) you guys to bring up some good points about the show and characters….. Mean at times, but still good. Why are you guys still watching??? This show really hasn’t been that good since at least season 3. I knew this show was doomed when they brought in the Angels. Trying to figure out why Cas and Crowley are still around as it appears that the writers are struggling to find stories for the two characters! I guess Mark and Misha need paychecks???

    Season 1-3: Good

    Season 4: Crappy

    Season 5: What was the story again??

    Season 6: Okay at best

    Season 7: VERY silly story, but some damn good fillers

    Season 8: Okay

    Season 9: Boring!

    Season 10: Hated it, big waste of time, barely a story, one maybe two good filler episodes

    • My name is Wei Tu Long
      My name is Wei Tu Long
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      Really? I remember season 3 being only okay, 4 being an improvement, and then steadily going downhill till season 7, where I just lost patience and got off the boat. Then again it’s been a while since I watched the show, so I dunno…

    • lucylight
      Old Man
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      Seriously? season 4 and 5 are the best of the show it went down hill after that.

  • Codythesickdog
    Bat Hero
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    Why can’t this show be like falling skies and just end?

    But, like last year I shall join the both of you and watch this season, I only do now because I love hearing both of your insight on the episodes after I am done suffering through it.

  • thisseatofmars
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    Phelous:  You should do a review for “A Christmas Horror Story” (2015)!

    Lupa: You should do an in-depth review of Supernatural like you did with Charmed!

    Me: I should get back to studying!

  • Morhek
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    I don’t even watch Supernatural, but I love your podcasts. I almost feel the same way about Doctor Who lately – if they can manage to put out a whole season in one year, it’s okay at best and terrible on average, at least since season five. Capaldi’s been an improvement, if only because he’s not constantly flirting or mooning over the “impossible girl” like she’s a puzzle to be solved, and I’m hopeful they can keep that momentum up this season.

    But yeah, I need to go through the old podcasts some time, because I barely know who anyone is, or why they matter, other than that Sam gets the whiny “Dean we have to torture someone while I keep a secret from you” voice.

  • iatethecrayon
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    This show feels so much like Charmed (the repeating stories, the characters that regress, lessons never learned) that it makes me want to diiiiie. CW shows I fucking swear to god…And why cant Cas just be hanging around with the guys I don’t understand. There’s absolutely no reason for his side story bullshit. No one likes the angels. They basically white lighters….dark lighters…whatever. Season 10 was a filler episode. I actually forgot what season number this was because i thought 9 & 10 were one season that’s how unremarkable this show has gotten.

    Dean turns into a demon, a huge fucking deal and its just a joke the whole time and then its fixed in an episode or two. Like COME. ON. Who’s writing this shit?!

    It’s all secrets and BETRAAAAYYYYals and I really hope Dean and Sam die so it can be about Ghost Bobby and Cas. And sheriff Jody, she was cool too.

    But seriously Dean and Sam have turned into the Charmed ones, except doing nothing would be a great benefit to them, instead of doing shit and getting more people killed.

    Apocalypse me once shame on me. Apocalypse me twice, Sam Winchester, shame on you.

  • emperorcupcake22
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    I don’t know why I still watch this show. It’s not good overall, but it has its moments I guess. I do enjoy these podcasts though!

  • katisconfused
    Old Man
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    I’m actually really glad to see this come back because it’s a great way to not have to watch supernatural myself and have you guys inform me if there is a rare good episode, you are saving me so much time and stupid, thanks.