• Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    Have you got the previous Baywatching videos set up at a different site?

  • Prince O Farah
    Prince O Farah
    Old Man
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    Well done on another excellent season of Baywatching, really enjoyed it – keep up the good work!

    A slight concern of mine though, given the recent announcement for Blip, is what will happen to the rest of your work on there? I know it is saved on this site but doesn’t that use the actual video from Blip – meaning it would be lost when Blip goes? Only concerned because a number of my favourite internet videos for both your own work and others are exclusive to Blip and it would be sad to see it all go.

  • Nobody_700
    I'm THE BEST!
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    Now, Pamboobela ivy and her magic sax finally comes!

    • WinterDeathPeach
      Just might make the CUT
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      first Trevor than Hobbie 1 ,Geina than Captain Troph and now Harvey, when will Mitch’s senseless killing end

      • Nobody_700
        I'm THE BEST!
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        Mitch: THAT’S MY SAVE!


        <Mitch throws Trevor into a shark.>


        Hobie 1: Can I have a dog?


        Mitch: No, but you can have an axe to the face!


        Captain Thorp: Hmmm… Hamburgers…


        Mitch: MY BURGERS!


        <Strangles him with a plastic bag>


        Harvey: I…


        <Mitch shoots him>


        Mitch: I’m justified for this!

  • merrio
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    You kill me with that Eddie voice. Every. Time. I just…I can’t…my eyes are watering!

  • merrio
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    “Uuummmmm…did I just break my hymen?”

    Oh. OMG. If I wasn’t already dead from all the earlier Eddie voice, I certainly am now. I am super dead.

    Lupa, I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you! Honestly, you are one of the funniest reviewers on all the internets and I applaud you.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Why did 15 year old Eddie look like a 17 year old John Leguizamo?

  • Trixie_is_best
    Bat Hero
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    When is Eddies life not in danger and I see its very easy to portray him in a bad light due to his history.  Yet, that makes Eddies pain so much more enjoyable along with the annoying Eddie voice over.

  • WhyNeighborDanWhy
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    The beginning of the end for Eddie and Shaunie. I’ll assume that when they get on the boat next season they end up on the Island from LOST and become the Adam and Eve skeletons. Thank you for your hard work on this series Lupa. It’s the highlight of my day. I like to just have them playing in the background sometimes.

    Btw Lupa, there is no more pathetic a scenario that could occur than Eddie popping his cherry. The only thing that would’ve improved it is if there were a jizz-in-pants sound effect like a champagne cork, or a cheap party horn, or a slide-whistle.


  • Being_Humanoid
    Old Man
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    EDDIE HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE?! *Hasselhoff Voice* Pretty spooky huh folks?

  • Marjay
    Old Man
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    The strangest part about Toni Basil being cast as a weird psychic lady? That’s actually her second time playing one out of the blue. Talk about niche… I’m just going to pretend someone on the casting team was a big Rockula fan, because that’s too priceless to ignore. (Also I like to think there’s people out there who like this movie as much as I do^^)

    And aw Lord, Baywatch… Please don’t try for emotional. This first love plot looks like it was lifted straight out of Green Wheat, except more boring. Somehow. And even harder to take seriously. I mean, that’s still Eddie we’re talking about.

    That season was even better than the last! Congrats for surviving this far. I hadn’t registered an account on Phelousdotcom until now, but I’ve been following you guys’ stuff for years, and I really enjoy Baywatching, because it’s where your editing skillz truly shine! The voices are on-point as always.

    (As sad as I feel about the fact… I think I’ll miss Harvey. Most probably because I’m a terrible person and a shell of a human being. But he provided the episodes with a fair share of conflict, and let’s face it, it’s fun seeing Mitch be foiled.

    Goodbye, Harvey. You were the worst.)

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Yay! FINALLY Pamela! I can’t wait. Eddie has just been a distraction for now. 😀

  • Doomsayer
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    I may miss the Eddie voice as it’s made his character more bearable when watching older episodes. I can’t understand how the teenage me sort of had a crush on him.  (We all have some sort of shame from our teenage years.)

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    Nothing brings a tear to my eye quite like a romantic story of statutory rape.