• Prince O Farah
    Prince O Farah
    Old Man
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    Another excellent episode! Probably one of the best of this season, and the voices you are doing for the characters are near perfect too!

    On a side note, Harvey really is a terrible person isn’t he! ‘Write down your phone numbers here,’ how has he not been kicked off the lifeguard duty? Bet the writers tried to make him a ‘smooth’ character as well…

    Keep up the high quality of videos, at the moment they are the highlight of my day! Whilst I miss the OLP form the Movie Nights and (to a larger degree) this series are excellent and a more than satisfactory replacement! 🙂

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
      Bat Hero
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      Thanks so much!

      I don’t know if Harvey is meant to be smooth because he does fail in his schemes, he’s just incredibly obnoxious and unlikable.

      • Prince O Farah
        Prince O Farah
        Old Man
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        Perhaps smooth was the wrong word then. I do wonder if the character is supposed to draw empathy and make a viewer think ‘that Harvey’ whenever he does mess up, almost as though he’s a familiar sort of character for some of the audience. I get the impression they wanted the character to be a failed ‘player’ and that the audience I’d supposed to want him to ‘get the girl’ or such.

        Maybe I look into it too much, but I think that the way he’s written reflects the attitudes of the time. The character is still around despite in having harassed half the beach’s females, and as you already say has such an obnoxious repellent to his manner and words. Whilst most people today can see that as harassment today, back in the early 90s it is just seen as a ‘funny side plot’ for one of the main characters. If the show had started this year and a Lifeguard went around requiring the phone numbers of windsurfing students and asking for a date with a potential rape victim I don’t think it would be long before some form of controversy arose! Combine it with Eddie’s less than healthy relationship with Shaunie and scenes such as the one with the wheelchair lifeguard pulling Shaunie into his lap and I do think it becomes an interesting case study into how sexism, or at least an undercurrent, was definitely around in the 1990s.

        Of course it could be none of that and you may not agree, but its just my opinion. Great episode nonetheless!

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    Thomas Megazord
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    Whoa, talk about weird coincidence…

    I was going to recommend you or Phelous look up an obscure syndicated show from the early 90s called “They Came From Outer Space” for it’s pure cheesy WTF factor to talk about in a video…and here you feature an episode of Baywatching featuring Stuart Fratkin (the Teen Wold Too guy) who was one of the leads on that show.

    By the way, I just checked on his IMDB page, it says he plays ‘Ritchie in “Prehysteria”, so that’s another coincedence, but he’s probably best know for being in 80’s cult teen comedy “Ski School”.

    You should definitely still do a video on “They Came From Outer Space” which I kinda liked as a kid, but even then still I knew it was really stupid and campy.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The imagery in this episode! LOL! It’s Baywatch! 😀

  • irbear
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    I always look forward to episodes of Baywatching. This one is particularly funny and you do a great job with the voices.

  • VoodooPriestess
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    Honestly when they did that date dance montage thing, I thought it was supposed to mean he had drugged her, but then they might of had to twist around the episode to that guy was in on the heist and the other thieves were supposed to meet up later, but since he went all psycho on Shauni, they had to try to take him out. And thus the lifeguards were invested and there would be a reason the guys watching the beach said nothing to the guys stealing the stolen goods and then I reaslized I was trying too hard and weird dance date is just weird dance date.