• iatethecrayon
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Do you guys think there’s a possibility that things will play out the way Cain said they would. I mean given it was super redundant to have him go all waxing poetically about how they’re a mirror to each other like DUH, super obvious now Cain. But when he started to go into what Dean would do to them, the whole scenarios with killing off Crowley and feeling not bad about it but then killing off Cas and then going after Sam, do you think that was maybe how the rest of the show will play out? And if it was something like that, do you think the writers will have the guts to keep people dead? I feel like really having those characters die off, like completely no coming back sort of deal would start giving at least a more “this is the end” feeling.

    I really don’t know what they’re going to do about the series finale, and I mean that in a bad way because its such a jumbled mess. Lots of nothing is happening. This show is like an endless handjob. It’s starting to get close to “Manic Episodes” levels.

    Best case scenario: Dean gets dealt the final blow from Sam with the First Blade, and then Sam wakes up “Heat of the Moment”. Just do a hard reset on all this shit.

  • Obsoletion
    Old Man
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    So Crowley is this big bad guy except he’s really easily duped and has mommy issues. Maybe he can team up with Radu!