• Ultratech94
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    of all the things we got during the Dinosaur craze in the early 90’s, Barney just had to be one of them. (face palm) I’d rather watch Carnosaur.

    • likalaruku
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      Ah yeah, the dino craze of the late 80s-Y2k….Dinosaucers, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dino Riders, Land Before Time & all of its godawful sequels, the original Walking with Dinosaurs, Super Mario World, Dink the Little Dinosaur, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Bedrock Flintstone Kids, the reboot of Land of the Lost, Diplodos, Extreme Dinosaurs, Doyle’s Lost World, Eek & the Terrible Thunder Lizards, Dino Babies, a handful of kids animes….

      I loved Brian Henson’s Dinosaurs. You’d think it would be dated as hell by now, but the stuff they complain about is all still relevant. After rewatching it, I have to assume that it wasn’t targeted at a younger audience.

      • DrPenguinstein
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        I still remember the dinosaur craze, specifically the Dino-Power hour in which one of the channels would run Denver the Last Dinosaur and Dinosaucers back to back. In addition it gave us, the Prehysteria trilogy, Super Mario Bros.: the Movie and Theodore Rex.

        Also, yeah I remember Dinosaurs as having the most depressing series finale in history,lol. But I admit they did have a lot of funny episodes before that.

  • Ultratech94
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    oh, and Merry Christmas to you and Phelous. ^-^

  • likalaruku
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    I’ve waited 365 day for Lupa holiday specials. ::Grabs popcorn & soda::

    Never saw it; I was in highschool when this came out.

    Wonder how many takes it took for the Barney suit to not catch on the wreath & get stuck in the door.

    The set reminds me of that christmas movie with Dudley Moore.

  • Codythesickdog
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    Barney’s soul.. Was lost… IN THE RRIIVVVEERRR!!!

  • Knightroglycerin
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    Fuck yeah, Lupa! I loved Barney! There were so many songs! My parents had a subscription or something that would send us a new tape every month I think. We must have had over twenty. Also, fuck BJ, I quit watching when he started making regular appearances. I could handle Baby Bop well enough, but the show was called Barney damnit, not Barney and his annoying relatives!

  • Gunvor
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    That title card is pure nightmare fuel. Then again, everything including Barney is.

  • Ultratech94
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    let’s not also forget that during the Dinosaur craze, we also got Riptor in Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, The Flintstones Movie, Jurassic Park & The Lost World Jurassic Park, We’re Back A Dinosaur Story, Adventures In Dinosaur City, Prehysteria, Theodore Rex, the TGIF Dinosaurs tv series, Tammy & The T-Rex, Dinosaurs For Hire, the Dinozords in MMPR, and many more. ah, 90’s Dino-Mania.

    on a side note, am I the only one who thinks that the Diablo Rex in the new Jurassic World tends to have the same idea as the Kenner toy line Jurassic Park Chaos Effect? the tagline was “Genetically Mutated Dinos Gone Bad”. and what do we have in this new film? a genetically mutated dinosaur gone bad. coincidence?

  • happymel2
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    Haha, this was so funny.

  • Jockslap
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    Before I even start watching, I’d just like to say Lupa that I’ve been watching you for a year or so now and I think you do great work, and that you’re very funny.

    CA did you dirty, this displeases me greatly, and so I’ve decided to do as others suggested, and look into following my various favorites specifically and bypass the hub site entirely, at least until big changes take place upon which I’ll reconsider. I never once blocked one of your ads, and I don’t intend to ever do so in the future. I wish I could say I’m a huge fan of Phelous too, but he just doesn’t tend to review stuff I’m all that interested in unfortunately.  I will however make an effort to watch as many of Phelous’s videos as I possibly can, you both deserve better and the only meager way I can contribute is viewership. (I’ll definitely be watching at least his movie reviews)


    So much respect for what you do, and so much respect for you splitting and off and steaming forward like this. Didn’t even blink, new episode up right away. Don’t care where I gotta go, I’m going to be watching me some Grade A reviews of some grade D Cynthia Rothrock films!

  • theInsaneArtist
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    Oh man, I remember Barney! Though my Barney christmas movie was one of the earlier ones, ‘Waiting for Santa’ from 1990. I am pretty sure i still have the vhs around here somewhere, as well as a few others…

  • RunTheJewels
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    Man, who in the US didn’t watch Barney? I have fond memories of watching Barney VHS tapes when I was but 5 years old at the babysitters house. I am actually surprised that the show hasn’t been rebooted at some point considering how popular of a property it was at one point.

  • M Chambers
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    I was a teenager when Barney aired. What shocked me about it was how it was totally devoid of any educational or moral values. Barney doesn’t teach kids anything!
    There’s also no moral lessons about friendships, family, safety, or honesty.
    So WTF does Barney do? He doesn’t help anyone and he doesn’t bring anything of value to the table.
    This was probably made during the 90s when Christmas was still called “Christmas” instead of “Holiday.” Christmas was too religious where as HOLY DAY isn’t.

    • Alex C.
      Alex C.
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      Christmas is still called Christmas, dude. Don’t be stupid. You put a damper on this otherwise hilarious video when I went to make a comment.