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  • iatethecrayon
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    No talk about next episode? That’s probably for the best, its nice to hear you guys end on a happy note .

    It’s a good guess that its probably gonna be a bit shitty just from the previews, but the idea of deeeeeaaaaan on a tinder dating website is pretty funny. The picture he used for it too was great, but it looked like there was some hannah and cas hook up shit and I really just do not like hannah. Shes just an asshole and not even in a fun way. She got camping angel killed that┬ájerk.

    And is hannah’s vessel vacant? I always get really skeeved out by the idea of possible rapey stuff. Like that reaper episode where Castiel hooks up with that fallen-reaper-whatever the fuck, and its like THE PERSONS SOUL IS STILL IN THERE THATS CREEPY. And Cas is totally proud of himself for it. Blech. GUESS THATS WHAT YOU GET WHEN EVERY FUCKIN WRITER IS A DUDE BLOOP.