• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Oh gawd, they’re so bright they’re hurting my eyes.

    It’s kinda sad when you can tell they’re hollow just by looking at them. Are they solid, like the craptastic tree ornaments at Target & Walmart, or flimsy, like the plastic reconstituted lemon juice comes in?

    I think my favorite part is how the boots, belts, & gloves are only painted on in the front. Or how the lack of a kneecap makes their legs look almost backwards. Or perhaps it’s the paint job, which resembles bird droppings.

    Where’s the Wizard of Oz toys come from? Did I miss an episode?

  • Sewer Samurai Leonardo
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    When will we get a Halloweenie/Radu crossover. Let the slash fiction begin… now.

  • Doresh
    Just might make the CUT
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    I like to think that the second red was supposed to be pink, but then they were too lazy to come up with a new color mixture.

    (Or they found out that mixing in too little red or other colors makes the figures transparent)

  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    interesting video. you’re the only one I know that has fun with bootleg toys. I always find them cheap as hell since it’s the kind of lame crap you would find at a local dollar store.

    say, I was wondering if you ever intend to review any action figures based on Mortal Kombat in the distant future. I know as a fact that I have seen some bootleg Mortal Kombat action figures on ebay every now and then. as of the officially licensed toys (Hasbro, Toy Island, Palisades, COGJIT, Jazwares, World Box, & now Mezco), Jazwares was by far the worst toy company to release these figures with poor paint jobs and loose joints. I just wish that at some point, we get some brand new Mortal Kombat action figures that isn’t Scorpion and/or Sub-Zero like the original 3 cyborgs (Cyrax, Sektor, & Smoke), Ermac, Rain, Kabal, Kintaro, Motaro, and so on. either that or some Killer Instinct action figures would be nice for a change.

    either way, I’m gonna check out some more bootleg toy videos. once again, you give me something new to watch, and you never fail to impress. well done Phelous, well done. ^-^

  • Zetto
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    I imagine becoming an ex-robot is like the Robin Williams Bicentennial Man, where you just gradually replace parts of your body with living tissue until you’re entirely organic. It certainly wouldn’t be the most far-fetched origin story for a Power Rangers team.

    And I can’t quite tell what that Batman-looking figure in the ending is. It looks like a Batman/animal fusion of some kind?