• boyofdestiny001
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    Wow, are those pumkinweenie plushes legit, or is it just an amazing coincidence?

  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    man, if you managed to get one of those dangling skeleton things, you would have both a Pumpkinweenie Beanie & a Mini Halloweenie.

    also, is it just me, or does your outfit seem oddly familiar to Lewis Black’s outfit from his show In God We Rust? maybe that’s just another coincidence, who knows. it would be hilarious if you did a crossover of Pumpkinweenie & Pumpkinhead.

    well done Phelous as always, you turned my bad day into a funny evening. I can’t wait to see more on/off cancelled Halloweenie.

  • Codythesickdog
    Bat Hero
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    Oh boy, I love this time of year, all of my favorite online entertainers do very funny Halloween themed things like this.


    I love it so much~

  • Dacho
    Old Man
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    Hey Phelous, not related to Halloween, but there is a new Wrong turn movie…may god have mercy on our souls

  • Blank Clef
    Blank Clef
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    Missed opportunity on the cuponk section to fit in a throwback reference to Anaconda. Just had to add a branch toss at the end of that R.I.P. Blessing.

  • ashkkgupta
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  • Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    Hilarious once again! My brother and I always look forward to these :3

  • LukeAConroy
    Old Man
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    I laughed way more at the “your Jamaican me crazy” and “smoothie” that I should have.

  • disguisedreptilian
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    I tried so hard to hate Halloweenie, but I can’t. I’m a grownass adult and I’m laughing at a skeleton with a huge head and a silly accent.

    Thanks for the videos, whenever I get back from a shitty day at work I watch them and I feel alot better.  I’ve always been interested in media analysis and your videos have the right amount of analysis inbetween the self deprecating humour, dumb sound effects when ‘super duper cereal’ scenes are happening and snark. It appeals to my adhd grew-up-in-a-technological-age-and-constantly-need-stimulation side. Thanks for all your hard work, I hope your patreon goes really well!

  • Uppitykitty
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    Just curious where that zombie coffee cup is from?