• Leech
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    I’ve been waiting for this ever since you mentioned them in your Steffi Love video. They may be well made, but still… where are Christabella and her witch-burning followers when you actually need them for once? Also, the Filly Witchy theme song is pure bullshit. You cannot rhyme “sehen” with “wunderschön” >:-(

    • Doresh
      Just might make the CUT
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      I’m disappointed as well. I thought the standard procedure of German hack songwriting was “keep rhyming for rhyme’s sake, even if the lyrics end up not making a lot of sense” <_< That being said, on to my 2 cents: Pony elves? Pony... elves? How does that even begin to make sense o_O ?! (That being said, I'd totally buy a Filly Ice Dwarf if they ever bother to make such a set) Your choice for Sky's voice is strangely fitting, seeing how he is a dude. The fire element is called "light" (since "fire" is apparently too violent), but they still use a flame as its symbol. That can't get confusing at all. It's nice that they try to masquerade their knockoff by doing their cartoon in CGI instead of Flash, but isn't that more expensive?

  • Glimmerling
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    These are actually pretty cute. I wouldn’t have minded playing with these fuzzy little knockoffs as a kid.

  • Vin
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    I’m actually quite surprised you didn’t know what Swarovski is.

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    So, the series isn’t Filly Witchy, it’s just… Filly. My Little Pony would have been better if it were just called Pony, eh?
    I somehow knew Phelous was gonna start the video like that, that lil’ ragamuffin.

  • EpicFish
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I love how the figurines look like knock-offs of G1, yet Phelous used G3 Rainbow Dash for comparison. 😛

    In all seriousness though, I guess this is where Sherclop Studios got their idea for Friendship is Witchcraft.

  • Mr. Lulz
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    I don’t Know if you read comments on old vids but they sell Filly magazines in my local store (in Switzerland) which i could translate from German to English and sent to you if you wish.

  • RokuroCarisu
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    Alright, here comes a full and acurate translation!

    Have you ever seen a glittering rainbow in the sky? That is a very special rainbow, because at his end, in a forrest of cherry trees with pink blosssoms, you find the secret world of Zimsala.
    The Filly Witchys are wonderfull and magical beings, who with the help of their magic capes fly through their secret world. When they fly, they leave a trail of glittering, magical dust and the crystals on their capes sparkle in the moonlight. The biggest castel in Zimsala belongs to Abra and her twin sister Kadabra. They have the greatest magical power in Zimsala and know all magic spells.
    Abra’s pink magic hat is covered in the most extraordinary glitter that can be found in Zimsala, and studded with valuable crystals. She loves and protects every single Filly Witchy and always tries to help them to the best of her abilities. But be careful, because her sister Kadabra loves to play pranks on others, and you can only know her by her purple hat when she flies through Zimsala. Like Abra, she is a mighty witch and her hat too is covered in magical glitter and studded with crystals, but Cadabra is mysterious and unpredictable!
    Every young Filly Witchy is given a magic cape durring a great ceremony at the castel. They get the cape when they are a special age and it is a great honor for them. The capes choose their owners and grant them unique magical powers.
    At the castel’s tower hangs a large clock with 13 hours. The thirteenth hour is the Filly Witchy hour! You can be sure that something magical and funny happens when the large hand reaches the 13!
    Come to Zimsala and meet the funny and magical Filly Witchy!

    A thirteen-hour clock is somewhat scary, I guess… right?

    Guardian of the Light
    Miranda loves to sit around a campfire and sing with her family. She can think of a song for every occasion and even knows some that have healing effects or invoke magical powers.

    I guess she’s the one who usually starts the obligatory musical number in each episode.

    Mistress of the Wind
    Storm and her family live in the Witchy Windmill. Storm can generate small wind-whirls and even tornadoes, which she uses for all possible occasions – for example to stir her tea or get her favourite snack from the kitchen.

    … This Filly has obviously never heard that with great power comes great responsibility.

    Wind Acrobat
    Watch out! Sky is wild and daring when he flies on his super-fast broom. He can do the most breathtaking tricks in the air! His only weakness is Sabrina, with which he is very much in love.

    So this one is basically Rainbow Dash – if Rainbow Dash was a boy, had a crush on some other Pony and would fly on a frickin’ broom!
    And didn’t it say they fly using their capes? I’m confused now.

    Alice is usually found with her cat Alexis under a cherry tree, where she writes on a novel about Zimsala. She hopes that her novel will one day be released and she becomes a famous writer.

    I got nothing on that.

    Gotta say though, Fillys don’t seem all that interesting compared to MLP, 3D animation or not.