• Leech
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    (No sarcasm, it really made me laugh) Too bad they didn’t stick with the creepier tone of Prom Night 2, though.Really looking forward to Part 2, then.

    Also, this is super-nitpicky, but I have to mention it because it annoyed me: The German-language tagline on the DVD cover you show is actually grammatically incorrect. (It should read “Er dachte, er sei tot und im Himmel”, not “Er dachte er ist tot und im Himmel”) It’s nice to have an uncut DVD release, but people who put taglines on covers not knowing the basics of German grammar just pisses me off.

    • Doresh
      Just might make the CUT
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      I’m more annoyed by this habit of making the German tagline the translation of the English title (or the other way around). Or that weird thing they did with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise where it took them three movies to find a consistent naming scheme (which of course is “just translate the damn title”).

      Oh well, at least there’s at least one movie you can only get uncut from here. That’s gotta be a first XD

  • Xehanord
    Old Man
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    Hey, is there somthing going on with blip? i am having a real problem on loading videos or even websites that have links to blip.

  • SweGabe
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    Maybe it was the director’s vision that cheating is patriotic…or simply the American dream?

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    This film is amazingly prophetic… After Trump is elected president, everything patriotic or containing the American flag becomes a huge joke.