• BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
    Bat Hero
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    It’s high time that Bulgaria was represented on Bootleg Zones!

  • Ricko
    Old Man
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    Spider halo.
    Perhaps he’s the super-hero saviour?

  • Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
    Comments: 104

    “Design” (of these knockoffs) “is not stand” (does not stand in for, as in represent) “for orginal product.” (the original products they are indeed ripping off). That’s how I read that. They’re claiming these aren’t meant to resemble anyone else’s original Intellectual Property. I don’t even know why they bother claiming that.

    • Phelous
      Comments: 625

      Nah it’s just a horrible Engrish version of saying the figures shown might not exactly represent the figures you got. Like when legit figures say a blurb about that because it’s prototypes shown on the back.

  • Donatello
    Old Man
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    I really like these combination bootlegs for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because it’s like bad fanfiction in toys; Thomas turning into a giant robot, destroying the human race and joining the Decepticons, or Batman and Spider-Man joining teams with a costume change. I would love to see more of those, and keep up the good work.

  • Red_queen2003
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    Both me and my sister enjoyed it alot♥ 

    Thank you very much for the fun video! 

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    All of the Marvel & DC bootlegs have mysteriously vanished from Armtoys.

    But I see this glorious thing…Mario’s head on a Pokemon body riding a Hello Kitty bumper car. & for some reason a Gangnam Style motorcycle.

    With great comedy comes great crossover.

  • mannymoran
    Old Man
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    I might be wrong but i think the plastic insert for the back of spiderman’s head was supposed to be his spider sense