• BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
    Bat Hero
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    If anything, this just makes me want to see that British vampire movie.


    And how many of these damn Witchcraft movies are there, anyway?

  • Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
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    Ash is so fluffeh! 

    Walpurgis is an actual thing and probably the only “witchy” thing in this movie.

  • Slave To Love
    Old Man
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    This witchcraft series is so silly yet so enjoyable. Thank you for reminding me of RBS cause you really got to mention one specific person in that film. His name is Peter Godwin, he appears only in one scene, the thing is that he is a a very talented singer and songwriter, he released a couple of albums in the 80’s as solo artist and I think three albums with his band called Metro and was credited as a guitarist on David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” album which includes a cover of the song called “Criminal World” originally written and performed by Metro. And this guy is still active he wrote two new songs lately have his own youtube channel and facebook community, you gotta mention him if you’re gonna review Razor Blade Smile.     

  • elaurino
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    This is a great review!

    Unfortunately, I work with two guys in my office who were wrestlers in high school and like to work out a bit too much. Flexing need not be done in the accounting department. Quotes were cited and my supervisor snorted her coffee. Thankfully, she never told the two of them I asked her where the two roast hams had gone. I was so mortified.

    At least I didn’t call one of them ‘slab squat thrust.’

  • BB Shockwave
    BB Shockwave
    Just might make the CUT
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    We had to wait this much for Lutz to show her boobs in the show? But yeah, delightfully british episode.