• Glimmerling
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    I didn’t really know how to feel about the second movie… That -ending-. Was it good? Was it bad? I still don’t know. I think I enjoyed it over all, but it wasn’t as good as the first film.

  • Scooter
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    Thanks for the refresher. I think I will give this one another look soon.

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    Holy crap, that heroine looks EXACTLY like Shelley Duvall.

  • threbur
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    The screenplay was not written by the same person who wrote the original Ginger Snaps. Karen Walton, the writer of that film,  is on the Unleashed writing credit for characters only. (Ginger and Brigitte) Megan Martin wrote the screenplay for Unleashed.



  • TedStixon
    Old Man
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    Honestly, I know there’s a lot to like about this film…  but I could never get behind it 100%.  I felt like the entire film was just a bit too much of a contrivance to capitalize on the cult-status of the original.  And it really bothered me that after Brigitte’s character went through a tragic, honest and heart-wrenching journey in the original film…  this sequel basically tells her character to go f**k herself through some annoying ret-con work to explain that Wolfsbane suddenly isn’t a cure anymore and lopping on more and more torment for her.  It made me feel too much like everything she went through in the first film- and indeed a great portion of the first film’s entire purpose and themes- was pointless in retrospect.

    That being said, I still do enjoy the film quite a bit and admit it’s quite clever and well-made.  I just really don’t like to imagine this is how the story of Brigitte ends.  It just doesn’t feel fitting or appropriate to me.  I like to consider this more of a “what if?” than an actual sequel.