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    1. Acquire trading post
    2. ???
    3. World Konquest
  • b1tRider
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    “Now lets’s all sit in a circle and workthrough our differences so we don’t have to slaughter each other..”


     Call this series ‘Pacifist Kombat’ for all the fighting that barely exists in a series supposedly based on Mortal Kombat!


    They could easily turn this into a porno it already lacks anything resembling a consistent plot just add cheesy music and an excuse to take off all their clothes which they seem to do anyway….

    • UnholyFireDragon
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      After a guy would splooge, some text would appear (looking like splooge instead of blood) and the announcer would yell something like: SEXUALITY! [Put porn name here.] SCORES!

      I don’t even know why they bothered making another Mortal Kombat movie in the first place. Go violent and gory, or go home!… And die… Fatality! 😛

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    “Now lets’s all sit in a circle and workthrough our differences so we don’t have to slaughter each other”.

  • Handsome Pete
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    I hate when shows try so hard to be relatable or reliable, at the expense of being rational or remarkable.  Usually it’s a problem with longer lived shows though, for example in TMNT 1987, it started to become apparent at some point that Shredder did not actually intend to catch the turtles.

  • likalaruku
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    Sheng Tsung & Skanky MsGreensuit had some pretty bad acting skills too. But not as bad as the voice cast of Mortal Kombat 2011…Which is the awesomest movie I’ve seen in years (despite being a game).

    It’s almost as if the show had no script & had several writers who pulled out plot elements as they went along without communicating with eachother. That just seems to be the style of the time…Hard to believe that writer’s strike happened long after.

    The cheesy hole-riddled scripts of late 90s fantasy series….Even Buffy sucked; people just remember it fondly because of nostalgia goggles overlapping the beer goggles required to find anyone in the cast attractive.