• Sephiroth1204
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    Hoo boy was that a bad season. I don’t like how you ended with “at least it’s not season 6” That scares me xD

    Great job once again! 

  • Literate Dead
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    Why does a show I have never had an ounce of interest in piss me off so much?!


    Okay, on this season… The whole ‘Cole’ angle really does frustrate the heck out of me. There’s just so much potential in the character that it’s painful to see it be wasted. I mean, yes, the ‘former villain turned good’ is an old trope (I confess, I love good/evil turnarounds in both directions), but I like the ignored potentials. The idea of him trying to do good, only to go about it the wrong way; the possibility of him being evil only because it was all anyone ever expected of him; even the idea of facing conesquences that make him second-guess his ‘good’ actions. There’s a ton of potential, is all I’m saying, and they pissed it all away by ignoring it.


    But, hey, that’s ‘Charmed’, right?


    Urgh. Okay, I’ll say this: Thank you so much for this ‘Manic Episodes’ series. I would never have watched this series any other way, and even something as ungodly long as this still had my intention the whole way. I hate to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing how you tackle the rest of this awful mess.


    That, and I want to somehow make the ‘being eaten by a wolf’ scene a meme. Or at least a tumblr gif.


    One more thing: I had a class called ‘Creating the Epic Hero’ a couple semesters ago, and in it, one of the students said (I kid you not) that the only TV show she ever watched was ‘Charmed’. She didn’t watch movies, she rewatched ‘Charmed’. She didn’t read books, unless they were about ‘Charmed’. I am not kidding on this, this woman, in her 30s, knew nothing but ‘Charmed’. And since creative writing was a major part of the class, I got to see how she wrote characters. I can honestly say, being wholly familiar with this show now, I understand why I wanted to throttle her with every sentence she wrote.


  • cosmosblue772
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    Wow, what a bunch of assholes. Also I hate to be that person, but what is up with Holly Marie Comb’s teeth. Again I am totally against pointing out weird imperfections in people’s looks, but seriously whats with her teeth. But beyond that superficial observation, this was hilarious especially your Piper-is-angry-with-Leo voice, it always makes me laugh and really sad at the same time, since with such a horrible character, that is painted as good, this show lasted 8 seasons. Again what a bunch of assholes, and now I am referring to the writers. : P


    P.S. Heard you are going to do Forever Knight after Charmed. Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Rhodoferax
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    I signed up just to say that we Irish actually do use the word wanker.

  • valou999
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    Wow I’m glad I stopped watching the show after season 4 (though I’ve seen parts of season 5 also)… These characters have become so AWFUL. Phoebe has literally become a blight on humanity, a devourer of soul! Who needs to source of all Evil while she’s around? And poor, poor Cole, you really feel bad for him. Such potential wasted with his character too. Prue and Cole were always my favorite characters, so with him gone too (and so unceremoniously I might add…) this show was pretty much dead to me.

    Anything you will review from this point will be stuff I’ve never actually seen. It will be interesting for me to see how much, much worse it gets.

  • Steve3
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    That line about Superman reminded me of Cloverfield…


    Like Superman?

    Yeah, exactly like… Wait. You know who Superman is?

    Oh, my God. You know who Superman is?

    Okay, I’m not…

    I’m, like, feeling something. Are you aware of Garfield?

  • Handsome Pete
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    “Tee hee, I’m taking these nudie pics back to heaven.”

  • likalaruku
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    I like the little Ghostbusters NES reference you threw in there.

    ::le gasp:: Are you insinuating that Phoebe is the world’s most obnoxious Mary Sue?


    Part 3: Why should I expect the writers to do any kind of research or fact-checking? You can’t just up & fire someone on a whim; you can get sued for that. There’s a lot of red tape involved.

    It was really long, but I enjoyed the whole thing.

  • thedeadhalo
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    Glad to see you’re following through and doin the whole thing.

  • Rise to Obscurity
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    The… wiccaning.
    Seriously, wiccaning?
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a good pun as much as the next guy, probably more in fact and likely more than can be considered healthy, but… wiccaning?! Sheesh, take those writers out behind the barn and beat them. With, like… a wicker rod or something.

  • SpikeGhost
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    Your hatred of phoebe and piper at this point is giving me so much life. It’s hilarious.

    Also, if you’re interested in another show to review i would suggest the first two seasons of Sleepy Hollow… You would have one hell of a field day with that one. Season 1 is mostly good though falls apart towards the end and season 2 is absolute garbage. The whole behind the scenes drama is more interesting than the second season. It would probably make a hilarious review, but it could make your life miserable.

  • nowhere
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    Phoebe as a mermaid reacting to the suggestion of putting her head underwater: “And get my hair wet?!?!” (in horror). You. Are. A. Freakin’. MERMAID! That’s like an otter getting upset at the possibility of getting its fur wet.

    For some reason with all the awful writing, contempt for the audience and reprehensible behavior of our “protagonists” that we see here, this is what stands out the most for me as being truly, comprehensively idiotic and infuriating. Not sure why.

  • Arobin08
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    Yeesh, poor Leo. Yeeeeeeeesssssssssshhhh! poor Cole!

  • Snap Reviewer
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    Phoebe is the worst character I have ever seen in any sort of fiction ever. Being a fan of the show I have to agree Season 5 is where Charmed went downhill. Cole during Season 5. It was clear the writers wanted you to sympathize with Phoebe and view Cole as the problem, but many viewers didn’t agree. Myself included. The Charmed Ones continually shun any of his efforts to be a force for good, claiming his powers are inherently evil, even when he uses them to save lives. Eventually Cole grows so miserable that he attempts to goad the sisters into vanquishing him and when Phoebe realizes this she actually refuses to grant him a Mercy Kill. After failing to kill himself, Cole finally has a genuine Face–Heel Turn mid-season but only after Phoebe kept harassing and threatening him without provocation, even in the face of his obvious mental disintegration. Unsurprisingly, viewers sympathized more with Cole.

    Season 5 is arguably the weakest and most despised by fans besides Season 8, as it featured Phoebe’s sudden Jerkass ways beginning, (though in my opinion it was Season 3), fan-favorite Cole being suddenly written as a Designated Villain, a lackluster one hundredth episode, and a return to episodic storytelling after two seasons of arc-driven stories.

    Not counting Paige the Charmed Ones in seasons 5-8 are some of the worst characters I’ve seen in fiction. And this is coming from a huge fan of the show! Even the women from the show “Totally Spies” are more competent than the Charmed Ones in seasons 5-8.

  • planescaped
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    Rose McGowen’s lips switch back and forth from extremely sexy to sex-doll/too much plastic surgery awful. It’s confusing…

  • BB Shockwave
    BB Shockwave
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    Wow, can’t believe stupid youtube muted the opening and end credits song. Oddly, only here, not on the 4 previous videos.