• Zirbal
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    “Héros en demi-coquilles” That’s hilarious!

    Interesting new show, Phelous! 😉

  • Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    That Russian Pokemon thing you showed at the start…that was weird..
    I like the title music for this, it fits well.
    The video didn’t work for me at first for some reason.. 
    I hate the toys that have a grimy oiley feel to em. I suspect it’s like that because of some low quality plastic production. I have no idea, though.
    At least the swords had a part that kept it in the turtles’s hand. The spear, however…
    With the expressions and teeth paining, they kinda look like They have scurvy or something.
    That fifth one will haunt me forever. Thanks. Teenage Mutant Satan Turtle.
    Hey, they may brush each other’s teeth with spears and pitchforks, but at least they don’t use a skull!

     Very funny. I look forward to more!

  • DerKork
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    Hmmm… what to say other than “interesting look at some ‘special’ bootlegs”.
    If I’m not mistaken, they are the same scale as the Playmates turtles. That means they’re not recasts (which would require the bootlegger to make a new mold based on the one turtle figure he acquired, usually causing the final product to be a bit smaller than the source), but they might actually have been created using worn-out original Playmates molds. But that doesn’t explain away the one with the pentagram – that one would however be explained by a recast of a “personalized” figure’s head. It’s not impossible that the … “Turtles Heroes” were produced by multiple chinese bootleggers of varying quality. After all, it’s the distributor who puts them in the blister packs…

  • Count Montivan
    Count Montivan
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    That last one. It reminds me of this infamous thing, which is also a bootleg from china: http://www.nekomagic.net/figure_news/201107/clayz_saber15.jpg


  • octo7
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    My cheap ass aunt got me one of those for xmas when I wa s a kid, at least something evry similair, in Poundworld. I was audacious enough to tell he rit was fake lol 

  • Steve3
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    With a little work, some of the rougher Turtles Fighters could be remade into Turtle Zombies! Also, I like to think that there was a guy in a factory making knockoff Turtles, and he came up with an idea for an original Turtle and he got really pumped about it and was able to sneak it into the line. How recently did you buy these figures? If they’ve been sitting in a smoky unventilated warehouse in China for twenty years no packaging’s going to keep dust fumes and vapors from creeping inside.

    :steve: Phelous this was a worthy addition to your channel, I look forward to the next vid!

  • turbowolf7
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    they’re fucking inbred chemical hillbilly mutants! the ARE the spawn of 3 finger! RUN PHELOUS!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Four Seven
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    But seriously…

    It’s like Ashens but with a Phelous twist! Which I don’t mind at all. Yours and Dr. Ashen’s comedic styles don’t really have much of an overlap so it works.

     As for the toys, I would have been heartbroken and humiliated to receive one of these instead of the real thing as a child. Especially if it were Satan-angelo there. Good find though; I look forward to seeing what more you can pull from the dregs of the toy world.


     (For some reason line breaks aren’t working for me here, so apologies for how condensed this post looks.)

  • b1tRider
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    I think the name of one of those turtles was “Hideously deformed toxic fighter turtle type thing” and another was called “You painted over my eyes and now I am blind turtle



  • obsolete
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    my god those knock offs are bad

  • likalaruku
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    Bootleg toys crack me up. I used to watch both Ashens & JeepersMedia do this, but since JM rarely does them any more, I’m glad you’ve come to fill in for him.

    Oh god, don’t touch them with your hands. You can absorb the lead in the paint through your skin.

  • Unsealedcross
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    awesome. I enjoyed the entire video and I’m hoping you continue the series.

  • Neradoc
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    Nice video, but umm next time can you take your head out of a toilet bowl when recording your voice ? Like half of them sound… well I just said it. And thanks for showing us the face of evil !

  • TriviaTim101
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    I loved your Ninja Turtle figure review so this new series is a real treat. Bootlegs just add to the comedy potential since your reviews of good figures are still hilarious. Satan Turtle is quite possibly the scariest thing ever, hopefully his missing arm won’t keep him from returning at some point in the future. Also with the news of Michael Bay’s shitty turtles film casting Megan “Can’t Act” Fox as April i’m sure you will do a review of it when it comes out in the near future.

  • tommieraider
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    This was incredible fun! Are there bootlegs from the other characters? Would love to see a competition between different Shredder bootlegs


    Also, please tell me there’s gonna be a Wi-Wi review?!

    • Phelous
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      Yes there will be some for some of the other TMNT characters coming up as well. Only if I can find one. A lot of these aren’t that easy to track down, I’ll probably need some help to find some.

  • Miss-DNL
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    The monster mike part is both hilarious and terrifying, the embodiment of evil toy form….I really love this series though

  • Jellax-Jedi
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I want to take the head from LeoMike aka Satan Michelangelo and put it onto a spare Neca TMNT bootleg and say he’s the devil in the form of a turtle.

  • jamownit
    Old Man
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    Phelous I love your videos and I’m a big fan, but even I was not ready for monster Mike.  At around the 12:30 mark when you started channeling Emo Philips and did the slow zoom to Mike I was dying, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.  My sides hurt, and I may have slightly pulled a groin muscle just looking at his gnarled grill.  But it didn’t end at the zoom, when you turned that mutant monstrosity to reveal the pentagram I totally lost it and couldn’t stop laughing.  Too funny man, thanks for unleashing this monster on your fans.

  • Kohdok
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    I know this is an old review, but I’m pretty sure the reason there are only three turtles on the package is that the actual toy is supposed to be number four.


    Creativity/Packaging goes up 1 point?

  • Spike
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    Ahh yes, where the show all began. I loved this video back then, and still love it now.