• Sephiroth1204
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    I’d like to think this video wasn’t recounting the best Phelous moments, it was creating them.

    This was hilariously ridiculous.

    I like the jab at peple saying Lupa ruined your videos 😛

    Saw that ending coming a mile away xD

    • likalaruku
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      The part where he & Lupa take a stab at the people accusing Lupa of changing his style was the funniest.

      Was that fart vampire DVD real?

  • mikohazuki
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    You might be onto something with moment #10, but I feel moment #7 might be a real Internet game changer!

  • fpsbcheezit
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    So, we have an official name for the series?

  • Piers
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    I’ve always wondered what your favorite moments were on Phelous’ Cavalcade of Awesome. Now my questions have been answered.

    I had a feeling that was gonna be your #1 moment and I totally agree with your choice.

  • JRA
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  • octo7
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    I was like “oh no, I thought Phelous was above these arrogant fucking videos” And was glad to see your normal sardonic self mocking the idea.

  • valou999
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    Where can i see the Dark Harvest 2/Terror at Blood Fart Lake video? I can’t find it and I don’t think I ever saw it…

  • Benny
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    Where’s that Dark Harvest 2 review, it looks like it could have been the best review of 2012.

    I hope the Phelous of 2013 will be able to be as amazing as the 2012 one.

  • turbowolf7
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    it moved me to tears, it was so poignent and poetic yet really down to earth and struck a fellowship with the everyman. a side few of phelous few have seen, a fewer still will understand. so if you’re done congratulating yourself phelous get ready for some more self imposed back slapping and grand standing, you deserve it. why? cuz YOU”RE THE BEST!!!

  • DanMalleus
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    I agree with each and every one of this best moments of Phelous Shouts At The Movies.

    And that Dark Harvest 2 Review, it had me in stitches… get it… because of the scare crow that… never mind.

    Here’s hoping for some even better moments in 2013 for Phelous Gets Angry At The TV While We Watch.

  • IraeNicole
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    Oh Phelous! I love your show so much. Never change.

    And by that I mean change to exactly how I want. 

  • Steve3
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    Possible names for the Phelous show:

    Phelous Philm Pholio (or Phelous’ Philmhouse)

    Jake and the Phe-lan

    Phelous and the Movies

    Phelous at the Movies

    Phelous behind the Movies

    Phelous Watches the Movies when they don’t know he’s looking

    Phelous Likes the Movies as a Friend

    Phelous Watches the Movies, except when he Blinks

    Phelous just wants to be Hugged

    Phelous & Lupa at the Movies

    At the Movies, with special guest star Phelous



  • aspire77
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    favourite moment was when quinn said “This will make management happy”

  • TildeAmpersandCaret
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    Ahhh “Phelous and the movies”….I always wondered if you’d come back with that~ I remember you calling it that in an older episode and wondered if that’s the name of your show of if it was just a one-shot. But, wait, IMDB listed your show as that?! Ooookay Oo And YAY, I know how to pronounce your last name now! I was always curious =O

    Not sure where I’d put them on the list, but man, I’m glad you did the Ghost Busters and Turtles stuff in 2012. Those were rad. Also dug baby ghost cameoing in the title cards. May their spirit live on~

  • mojo
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    Indeed a very moving video, makes all other “Oh how wonderful 2012 was”-videos obsolete. And as already stated here and there there were at least two very special highlights:

    One is “Phelous & the movies”. Even by writing that it sounds to me like ripping off “Charlie and his angels”. So Phelous, you like your angels? Because they’re the best

    The other highlight is a nice summary of what’s the best of all options for most of the movies: 7, skip it.

    Best wishes for 2013, stay phelousophical as ever!

  • dbzwrestlingfan
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    Phelous you should review Terror Toons!

  • Marganars1
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    Needs more Irate Gamer references! >:(

  • CinemaOfTheDead
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    Should of added Resident Hazard jokes like the I got a sandwich and You were almost a Jill Shotgun. Top 10 ruined.