• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    The beast in beast form in the 80s series was 1000 times better looking than the guy in this series with his normal face.

  • Piers
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    You tell it like it is Lupa! stupid pretty people problems >_< I just skipped this entirely. I agree, how can you not have a beast in this!? heck, just grab a stupid doller store monster mask or Something! 

  • TriviaTim101
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    Thank you Lupa for bringing to my attention another horrible CW show. I thought Smallville was bad but this, this is just beyond words. First of all it stars the actress who played the worst character from Smallville, second it pulls remake syndrome by entirely missing the point of the original, and third it is cashing in on this annoying “sexy monster” fad that is popular with teengers recently. Lets hope this fad ends soon (although Warm Bodies seems like it will keep it alive sadly).

  • Glimmerling
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Yay, Beauty and the Beast! It’s an interesting and revolutionary choice to make the guy the beauty in the remake, but I can’t figure out how being a bad cop makes her a beast… Maybe it’s something they will reveal later in the series.

  • Hotbb123
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    Four Years Later You Were Right