• Batphil
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      I’d rather not be first for an Uwe Boll Film. Second is better lol

  • joster
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    Check out the Director’s Cut.  There’s a bit more character development, a close-up of a Krugorc after being launched amping up the silliness, and… they kill Duke Fallow… oh, yeah… “Raggy, no!” 

    • skerrigan
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      I also think the guy Lillard stabs during his “Does anyone else feel like commiting treason” inexplicably comes back to life in the Director’s Cut.

  • Johro
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    There really was no thought put into casting.  So bizarre.

  • kagesonofbaator
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    Have you ever hurt yourself while filming?

  • Kombat1996
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    I can imagine that “Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh” remix you made being put to dubstep. It would be interesting. Nice review as well.

  • DementedDawn
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    I keep imagining Burt Reynolds to have Sean Connery’s voice, because Reynolds looks similar here to what Connery looked like in First Knight, where he played King Arthur. 

  • likalaruku
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    Dungeon Siege was my first non 2D game. The Polygons of the PS1 generation turned me off of 3D gaming for a good decade. So when I heard that there was going to be a movie, I was extactic…Then I learned who Uwe Boll was.


    “Farmer Girl” is the name of the game’s redhaired protagonist, at least that’s what the Gas Powered Games rep told me. That & the medival setting are the ONLY things Boll got right about Dungeon Siege. Like you said, it better parodies LotR or The Hero’s Tale.


    That’s Burt Reynolds? Boy he looks like a completely different person from the 80s star I knew. Worse yet, he & Rhys-Davies look like the same man playing two roles.


    I guess they kept Lillard alive for the sequel.


    What’s that music playing in the background durring the wizard sword standoff? Lurky & Murky’s theme from Rainbow Brite? lol.

  • hpjunkie14
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    Hilarious review! You should review Rampage next. My husband forced me to watch it. 🙁

  • korijoe
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    i noticed at the end of the credits when it cuts back to phelous being phelous. you can see at the corner of the mirror. phelouses face looking towards the camera

    but still great review

  • Octo Seven
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    I thought Burt Reynolds was Angry Joe in the title card. Not a reflection on the awesome artist, more on myself lol

  • Slave To Love
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    For Uwe Boll this is not that bad as it could be, at least we ain’t got no “Funny Version” for this movie. And yeah, Ron Perlman = Bad movie, stay away from it as far as you can? I may not saw that much of his movies (sorry for my english) but as far as i know, he mostly shows up in a crappy ones. All that this movie misses is Danny Trejo as a supporting cast.

  • P.Diaz
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    ho wise and mighty phelous! how did you know that movie would be brodcasted in france so soon after your review??? 
    thy godly powers are scaring me! 

  • Scarlett
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    By the way, Insane would be a fantastic film to be reviewed. 

  • Ignismadax
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    I forgot that Skalds and Shadows plays during the credits of this film :[

    I sure hope Bolly Boll just stole the song and didn’t ask for their permission, I would be sad to know they agreed to let him use their music.

    Then again, they probably got paid at least? 

  • solidsamurai
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    Put this on youtube as well.  Blip sucks and its connection disabled itself for me.

  • catocat9002
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    So to use an antidote, you have to swallow it along with the bottle containing it?

  • b1tRider
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    It’s funny cos it’s true…


    Best Review so far!! Hilarious!

  • turbowolf7
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    and he lives in mirror world! despite this being bad i did like ron perlman’s character, the laughing liota AND the liota davies battle effects. da da daaaaaa! still despite this being boll’s best ever isn’t saying much so fuck my donkey i’m giving it a turnip out of farmer score