• Hikkeen
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    Its great to see your enthusiasm for this series. I also loved all the hat changes.

  • kagesonofbaator
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    I really like the way you look without the eyeshadow. Tremors was such a fun movie series, but Burt not playing a Burt character in this is an annoying missed opportunity. Also them taking such a long time to get to the actual monster mashing.

  • personsunknown
    Old Man
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    Great job, funny as always.  I always avoided this one, but now I might give it a shot. A heads up though, when this is posted on TGWTG, you might recieve some trolling due to the similarity between your changing hat gag and, um, a certain reviewer’s changing hat gag in “Mazes and Monsters”.  Just be prepared.

  • Johro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Excellent reviews.  I always had a soft spot for these movies and I really enjoyed your revisit with them.  I agree that Gross was criminally under utilised in this instalment as well as Drago to a lesser extent.

  • Ralok
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    it would have been simpler if shriekers just grew into being graboids . . . . and design-wise . . . that seems to have been the original intent.

    as it stands though . . . it has to do soemthing with food . . .

    that is all that I can think of to rationalize teh graboids life cycle

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    What if this Gomer had been played by John Cleese instead? & why do I keep expecting Doc Brown to show up? Speaking of ruined western themed sequels & Doc Brown, Back to the Future 3 would have been a million times better if they’d never introduced Clair; that Disney’d up the whole movie.


    Yeah, I’ll watch em all in a marathon too. I’ll even sit through all of the Toxic Avenger movies. (The one with Evil Kabukiman is my favorite).

    Is it purely coincidental that you both did a western this week? lol.

  • MovieMaster21
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    Great review, Love it, I agree I do find Michael Gross’s character annoying and wished for the “Real” Gummer to show up, but I do like some quirky character changes in the past, like a man becoming a warrior, I kind of like it for that, but yea, I wish for Time Travel a bit in this so Burt can kick Hiram ass and say “pansy”, what I do like are the little Grabiods.

    Also, I think how they jump form the ground is because of their speed and size, remember Grabiod move fast, but can’t jump because of their weight, these little guys are not as heavy, and with their speed, yea they can do, damage, but yea those two won’t be safe unless they were further away. Anyway great Review and can’t wait for the TV series, I hate SyFy for cancelling it because it didn’t get as much ratings as Farscape, despite it having solid ratings :/, also the order of episodes was mixed up.

    more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremors_(TV_series)

    Good Luck, and for more Moonbeam fun, check out Beanstalk (1994)