• ninjadnice
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Damn i’m surprised you guys didn’t take a break like every hour. that game looks awfully boring. the drama sux and the funniest thing is penis farms and poop jokes lmao. 

  • SsnakeBite
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    Yay, new episode of TLC! I was feeling kinda down today so this is exactly what I needed. Between the “movie”‘s narm overload, the answers to the tests written by a guy who clearly knew this thing’s worth and Phelous and Lupa’s jokes, these videos are some of the funniest things I saw in a while.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
    Comments: 122

    some determination right there to watch something so hitty and boring, john hurt was fun in it. well it was fun watching you two making fun of him. fuck them questions lol



  • Earthbound_X
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I think you guys are right, it just uses the last choices you picked. Since it’s a DVD, it has no way to save any of the earlier choices you picked.


    This thing isn’t very well made in that regard.

  • NootYu
    Old Man
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    Thanks for suffering through this guys.  Either I find the suffering amusing, or you two are just hilarious. Whichever the two, I laughed the whole time 😀

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    I’m really surprised. The movie is somehow able to keep the story going despite your guys’ answers xD I thought the movie would’ve just exploded or completely derail from the plot, since they were so obscure.

    And I’m really looking forward to Alison losing her mind in the finale. Not because I’m a sadist, but because we’ve already seen Phelous lose it. So Alison’s time was inevitable.