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    This video is fun and awesome, just one thing; If you were to ask most Americans what the best film of all time is, they might say Citizen Kane, and although it’s an amazing film, undoubtebly a work of complete genius; it’s usually only Americans who call it the best film ever made really, as it’s a very very American film that American people can relate to. (also, a lot of the people who say it’s the best film ever made have never even seen it)

    In Europe we have Felini, in Japan they have Kurosawa, Wells is great but uhm, he’s not a very prolific or lasting film-maker and I’d say the influence of Citizen Kane on modern cinema is a lot less than some people would like to believe, especially people educated in American film-schools. I’d even go as far as to say Kubrick is a far more influential and a technically better director than Wells, same with Wilder, Hitchcock (a Brit but a maker of American films) and maybe even David Lynch. Don’t get me wrong, I love Citizen Kane. Just addressing Lupa’s hypothetical question about ‘what’s the best movie ever made’ likely to be answered by ‘Citizen Kane’, from a European perspective. And again, awesome/funny vid!

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    i love that song from black box- everybody everbody on the sound track . must be a guilty pleasure

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    Lupa is such a hipster 🙂 
    Oh Citizen Kane? Nah, I’d rather watch Cool as Ice. B-)

    Something tells me her opinion would shift big time, if the audience hated Citizen Kane and loved

    Cool as Ice instead

  • M Chambers
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    You could make a case ‘Cool As Ice’ is better than many recent box office hits.
    As you noted there were professional actors whom actually learned their line and the director didn’t just go with the first take. Better than several recent films where the actors miss their lines and this isn’t edited out!
    Geography, takes place in California and was actually shot in California. Better than Christopher Nolan who went all the way to Hong Kong to shoot on Victoria Harbor and the movie fails to give the correct location! Or films taking place in the USA and shot in Canada which fails to remove all the French signs! Or films taking place in the southern hemisphere and think Christmas still equals winter. Or ‘Aliens Vs Predator’ which stated it took place in the “Anarchistic Ocean.” Pop quiz, name all four oceans.
    Actual cars were used for cars! Shocking! This again beat out anything Christopher Nolan’s done recently or ‘Gatsby’ where cars were just fake CGI.
    Fight scenes actually involved stunt men looking angry and not smiling and laughing. Again, beats out anything Christopher Nolan’s done recently.
    There actually was a costume designer unlike recent films where the actors simply dress in green because CGI will be added later.
    There actually was a makeup artist rather than simply painting one half of an actor’s face green. Again, better than Christopher Nolan.
    There was a plot and screenwriters. Yes, there was actually a coherent story to follow, unlike recent films where scenes were just randomly assembled like Joss Whedon.
    The camera stays in focus, tripods were used and there was some actual thinking put into the setup for shots. Unlike today where cameras are hand held claiming to “add realism.”  

  • turbowolf7
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    What? what is this? Citizen Kane is NOT the greatest movie of all time, I’ll give you a list a 5 better movies and why

    5) Return of the dragon: Bruce Lee gets to kill Chuck Norris, but only after a kitten grants him permission

    4) Monster High: the fate of the world decided by  a high school basketball game? sign me up!

    3) Bernard and the genie: true love and wisdom comes from Big Macs, a lesson well learned

    2) Prom Night (the original): prom night, everything is all right… because Phelous said so

    1) Puss-n-Boots: William Catner, need i say more? i do? well… so…?

    clearly, 5 superior movies for superior reasons, not even counting opening up the budget for use of color