• Plasticlion
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    Finally a review of that show that just went nowhere! It still gives me nightmares. Really really bad nightmares. Seriously though, I thought it was funny. This comment isn’t cryptic at all.

  • kalinka64
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    Oh man!  That show sucks so much!  It is the worst show ever and having watched every episode at least twice I can firmly say that it is perhaps the worst show that will ever BE made, down to every little detail, and I hate it with every fiber of my being.

    The person who did the editing should be killed a bunch of times by the shitty effects of other shitty movies only to be resurrenced in a continuity breaking manner so as the grasp the full irony of his crimes against film and humanity! 

    • BegleiterKubus
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      wait…am i in a timeloop again…didnt this already happen?? damnit, if i hadnt lost my time checker cardridge for NDS i could check this now.

  • Furore23
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    Finally, FINALLY, we get what we have been waiting for all these years: comprehensible singing on the Phelous ending theme. Thanks, Jon Walken!

  • WebbyMoto
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    This is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen since lunch, but seriously, this was hilarious. Applying your own reviewing style to your own creation and actually making it as humerous as it was couldn’t have been easy, so kudos to you Phelous. The only thing lacking was a “Hide & Seek” reference, but maybe we can expect that in Mortal Phomedy 2: Abomination…

  • BegleiterKubus
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    joking about meta-jokes. how…..meta.


    ps. i liked that lupa cameo, when is the next crossover??

  • TheGuyWithNoName
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    I just wanted to let you all know Michael Bay is making a ninja turtles movie but they are not gonna’ be Turtles they will be ALIENS from a Another planet. Not joking he said it on tv.

  • Aural Aurum
    Just might make the CUT
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    warning to those with headphones! the audio spikes like crazzzzzzzaaaayyy!!

  • RoperFDF
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    i can’t front, i think mortal komedy is really damn funny. but chill out with the yelling man! that shit is seriously annoying. 

  • kaitohari
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    What the fuck did I just watch!?

  • Earthbound_X
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    This review is pretty confusing. Is it a parody of another review, or reviewer?


    The only thing I caught was that Redlettermedia joke.


    Edit: Ah, I think I get it now, this will show up on TGWTG on the 28th, so it’s his April Fools ep, since the next Wednesday after that is the 4th.

  • MorphineSJ
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    Phelous’ laughter is so contagious

  • Marconius
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    The credits and the bits after were the best part. XD Is this version of the theme song here to stay or just a one-time thing?

  • aspire77
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  • IHadAShotgun
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    ChaosD1’s Christopher Walken was RIDICULOUSLY good. Laugh at yourself if you want, I still sit on the edge of my seat waiting for every “I’ve got a shot gun” clip and laugh as though I’ve ever heard it before. And as much as I’ve loved the Lupa crossovers, I’m still laughing maniacally at the thought of reshooting the My Bloody Valentine review with you playing yourself with a red shirt on your hair. My only qualm is that you haven’t played the “WHY!?!?!” clip from Skinned Deep in what seems like ages.

    Hilarious review of hilarious content. Your particular brand of humor has just about everything on TV or in theatres seeming stale, and I annoy my friends and family with bursts of laughter as I imagine inserting your old standbys into them. I’m excited for the Resident Evil and Silent Hill movies only for the horrible-decision-fodder they’ll surely offer you. Thanks again!

  • edrobot
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    Oh god, he’s done it.




    Now all he needs to do is review his own review of the Mortal Komedy review.

  • MikeKz
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    Come now Phelous, i think you’re being too hard on Mortal Komedy.   It’s obvious the guy who made this barely knew what he was doing and had a severely limited budget, but his heart was in the right place.   Now that actor playing Sub-Zero?  He was absolutely wretched.  Where did you find that bum?  😉

  • HatefulCactus
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    Makes you wonder who would find humor in a show like this. Though I’d imagine their is at least one die-hard fan who likes Mortal Komedy.

  • WPB
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    Shut up Phelous, Mortal Komedy is a classic movie! It’s supposed to be ironic, it’s meant to make the viewer hate themselves for watching it. And all the cameos from Lupa is really annoying, stop that shit right now! And why don’t you die anymore? That was the only reason I watched you, and now that you don’t die anymore, I only watch your videos to bitch about stuff! You were so much better when you just reviewed Pulse movies.

  • Cornwind Evil
    Cornwind Evil
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    Okay Phelous, now what you need to do is keep subverting the Lupa cameos because you got cross that people got stupidly cross over the number of them and you’ll have another good running gag. This is actually serious. Really. No April Fool’s here. I am really serious. REALLY.

  • zeekthegeek
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    Hahaha so meeta

  • ninjadnice
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    Phelous my man, i hope you don’t really get so angry at your old stuff. I mean it’s funny to make fun of and all but i hope you don’t let it bother you too much, i mean as long as you keep improving like you do who cares about the begging so much.  Honestly tho this video made me laugh out loud so much especially at the line, “i got a shotgun” miss that line, its so freaking great.  too bad idk where it’s from… but yeah keep up the good work my friend. dont let the past hold you back from creating a new future. 

  • w4173r666
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    ohhhhhhhh dear phelous did you forget your pills ?

  • Das_Bass
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    Nice Pontiac

  • turbowolf7
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    its too bad mortal komedy was never finished. if there’s more than episodes here and the holiday specials that’d be cool, but as long as we have the PILOT, nothing can go wrong

  • likalaruku
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    Now I want to hear someone sing the theme while doing a William Shatner impersonation.