• ggbhtg
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    Phaaaaylan, Allysuuuun, are you being sick fucks who like to WATCH others eat food agaaaaain? *puts hands on hips*

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Sweet. Lordkat & Brad haven’t done a Let’s Try in ages, unless you count hotsauce after hotsauce on Flaming Brian’s kitchen.

    Those Kinder eggs are supposedly banend because aamerican children are too stupid to take the you out before eatiing them. You seen the creepy kinder egg comercial on youtube?

    Yeah, I can see it…”You’re under arrest for smugling kinder eggs over the boarder, baby killer. What do you mean YOU were going to eat them? Only CHILDREN eat candy. Next thing, you’ll be telling me adults play video games & read comic books.”

    Meringue cookies are a bitch to make & factory-made ones are godawful.

    Ash wants it. Ash wants them all.

    Is it American or Europen dark chocolate you dislike, because American dark chocolate is not the real thing, not even close. I have a problem with the waxy texture & sweetness of milk chocolate.

    Jerky chocolate? Eh, i’d try it. I’ve had vanilla garlic icecream on a dare & it was pretty good.

    Heheh, you wouldn’t like chipotle chocolate.

    Daifuku Mochi is better frozen, but don’t bother if you don’t like sweet azuki bean. You might like strawberry & milk chocolate ice cream mochi, but if you don’t eat them fast enough the rice dough gets really really really goooey & sticks to your fingers badly.

    (S)ubstances (P)osing (A)s (M)ints.

    Same thing as ginger ale? Extra chunky.

    Lol, probably would have tasted worse if you’d put them in a blender. Phelan looks like he’s going to cry.

  • Rakmi
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    Don’t you just put merinque on cakes and stuff? I don’t think it’s supposed to be eaten like that.

  • David
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I actually really like Fentimans sodas. They’re one of the more prevalent alternatives to the mainstream brands over here in the UK and I find them less sweet and sickly than the later. kinder Buenos are pretty common here too, I used to really like them but have to say I haven’t had one in a while.

  • SsnakeBite
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    And after Ash has watched, Ash will wash watches.

  • Meangreenmother
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    A couple of weeks ago I tasted a combination of the green tea mochi and the red bean mochi in a Japanese restaurant. The dough was made with green tea and the inside was a paste of red beans. I also thought the texture was a bit weird but quite liked the taste. (And nope I wasn’t a play-doh eating kid 🙂 ) The whole thing tasted sweet , a bit floury , doughy. But i didn’t try the dough on itself. The paste also had chunks of beans in it so I think it’s meant to be that way. 
    It was served with green tea icecream with mushy, sweetflavoured, red beans around it. (As a sauce I think). The icecream tasted better than the mochi though. The beans were ok , but I’d rather not have them with the icecream.
    This is what the mochi looked like :

    I’ve never heard of Beef Jerky. Chocolate and beef together in one bite ? realy ? Now my curiosity strikes.

    Kinder Buenos on the other hand are also very comon in Belgium. When there’s a vending machine Kinder Bueno is my choice most of the time (or twix).