• DrMurloc
    Old Man
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    Awesome review as always, you’re now officially my favorite contributor on tgwtg!

    And I just loved the part with the animals having standards xD

    Keep ’em coming Phelan!

    • Z_GRADER
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      it’s funny when i first found phelan  it was through mortal komedy
      i had no idea he reviewed movies, he is probably the only reason i like reviews so much
      the first review i remember watching was skinned deep

      still got that great routine though

      keep it up phelan !!!! :D:D:D

  • Obscurus Lupa
    Obscurus Lupa
    I'm THE BEST!
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    I watched this with you! Remember? Remember that?


  • DCEnygma
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    That was… really bad. At least it couldn’t possibly garner enough interest to get another sequel after this one. I mean, what would they do now that the main villain (maybe) is dead? An origins story? Pffft. That would suck.

  • KSGHorror
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    Nice review, out of all them 2 seems the most entertaining.
    Any way are you going to review the 4th film

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    now now, you two better stop watching inbred comedies together lol
    but yeah, those guys could teach rambo a thing or two 😐

  • MikeKz
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    Hi Phelous.  I finally decided to sign up so I can post comments on your videos.  Because who’s gonna wait for them to be on TGWTG?  😉


    Anyway, the review was good and this movie looks hilarious and bad.  These Wrong Turn movies are like someone saw that X-Files episode called Home and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and decided to make a new movie series. 


    Mutant inbred hillbillies are known to be quite strong.  The ones at Point Lookout in Fallout 3 are more difficult to kill than other enemies in the game. 

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    It might be just me, or blip’s glitching or something, but the picture was very jumpy. I noticed it around the terrible greenscreen scene, and it continued through to the end. The sound wasn’t affected, just the picture.

  • Dejablue
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    All of  those plot twists were nicely wrapped up in the end lol.

  • Sinclaire
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    Was that Mac Mcdonald as the Warden? Noooo… he’s so much better then this movie. This is as bad Craig Charles showing up in Lexx only to get anally raped by a carrot monster.

  • Flow72
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    Oh my god, Phelous died at the end!

  • HandsomeRatch
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    The scariest part of the whole review is probably Phelous saying “ladidaaa”. Oh man, that voice…


    And I wish I was inbred, then I would have super powers and be able to aim.

  • Aural Aurum
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    There was so much energy in this review. People say that Phelous has sort of a monotone delivery, and that might have been close to the truth in some of his earlier reviews, but over the years the man has honed his voice into a devastating weapon of sarcasm. He’s never “manic” in his delivery, but there’s just so much energy and humor in what he says that it’s easy to miss some of the jokes the first time around. This…got a bit rambling, but I think whatever point I was trying to make comes across.


    You’re awesome, Phelan!


    Also, I miss the Fish in a Spaceship. Would you consider doing it again (if the Guinans asked you)?

  • Chiyonosake
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    Hi Phelous


    Excuse me if my comment will contain grammar errors, english is not my mother-language.



    I just never registered in a page like this before, never felt the need, but now I want to say something.



    Every single review, that was made by you, entertained the hell out of me. I simply love your style of reviewing, love horror movies, and I find your gags absolutely friggin hilarious. I saw all of your videos at least twice, and (not counting the Angry Video Game Nerd, who is in a somewhat different genre I guess), you are the only “internet-celebrity” (I dont know a better word for it but this sounds lame…oh well…) I follow. You two are the best, most entertaining in my opinion. I occasionally check other videos on the TGWTG website if I have time, but you are the only reviewer I am actually waiting for to post a new video, and I am always sure, no matter how much time I will have, I will watch your new stuff as soon as I can. You posted this vid on Saturday but I saved it for now (11 pm here), because after the first workday of the week this was the perfect way to have a laugh and leave the “monday-depression” behind.




    I am not really that much of an expert, I dont really know what “meta” or all the other stuff they say is, but one thing I know, you are funny and original, even after more than 100 episodes I still think your quality did not drop one bit. I hope this wasnt a problem, that I wrote this here, because its not really related to this particular review, but I felt I want to say this, for what it worth (even if its not much).



    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the many occasions, when your “show” made me feel my life is 5% happier 😀



    Greetings from Hungary (aka nowhere…)

  • Blippitybopity
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    AHHHHH!! Ending stinger with Phelous’s face reflected in the knife! IT MEANS SOMETHING!!! Maybe…

    • midnite crawler
      midnite crawler
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      that means theres a 4th one… don’t ask. i know. i’ve seen all of them and i admire phelous more for that, i don’t know how his mind can afford that much sillyness.

  • fullmoon16
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    or I at least recommend it for a viewing its supposedly a prequal to the wrong turn series that throws any sort of continuity out of the window again and has the inbreds from the first wrong turn as mental patients.

    The ending is priceless and almost makes the movie worth watching just for the laughs at the end lol its so bad so very very bad *wont spoil it*

  • Plasticlion
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    But I already hit the back button on my browser.  Oh well I’ll just assume you were cut into three pieces by some bad cgi.

  • Fernhat
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    I just noticed its been around since at least Amityville Horror, is it supposed to be the ghost that was haunting them, a little easter egg, or did I miss something important?

  • Kirath
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    Does somebody know the music from ~6:00-6:12?

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    Prisoners? + Forest? = Downpour’s inspiration?

  • turbowolf7
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    is if the one of the prisoners was wentworth miller and HE HAD A PLAN!!!! of course if he fought 3 finger he’d conjure barry’s wisdom and we’d have a 3 finger sandwich… which doesn’t sound very appetizing

  • Ryuukokoro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I’ve watched this review a bunch of times and I can’t believe I didn’t notice before, but at 11:17 you can REALLY clearly see the wire the stuntman was on when he was yanked from the crashing vehicle. I can’t believe they didn’t catch that in editing!