• SinValor
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    WOW, I bet the CGI Alligator (Or Crocodile, whichever way you wish to call it) looked painfull to watch anyways.


    (EDIT: Can someone please delete the first comment above me? I misspelled ‘call’ and tried to correctly fix it, but it was accepted as a new comment. I guess that’s what I get for backing pages.)

    (EDIT #2: Thank you.)

  • Shuffle Puff
    Shuffle Puff
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    Stick in crocodile? hmm seems like weapons are de-evolving. I guess chris had the right idea after all. Knife all the way!!!

  • Desertpunk23
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    Great a new Phelous, now I won’t have to induce a drug coma to get to next week!

    Bulletproof Crocodile? Really? That’s just asinine, I mean really, come on. lol

  • moviebuffmel90
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    Love the addition of the “At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert” theme. It just adds a level of camp that can’t be outwit.

  • CerebroKraub
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    That movie sucked, I can’t believe it has a sequal

  • ke7an
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    “You’ve made a powerful enemy Princess.” Haha.
    Quite an enjoyable review Phelous! I can’t believe that movies like this one make viewer watch such obnoxious characters over the course of the movie. I think you nailed it when you said that princess was the only character that anyone cared about.

  • LustfulMind
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    And of course,the story didn’t look at all like the one of Jurassic Park III,derpy derp!

    And if you really want to see a way better crocodile movie by Tobe Hooper,just watch Eaten Alive.
    Angry Redneck Hotel guy and man-heating crocodile is the best team there is!

    EDIT:Oh fuck…this movie came out before JP3…So it means…Shit…

  • tlaloc4kids
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    You already posted it on facebook, you Phool

  • cjn0211
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    the dog was the only god character but that is true for more movies than you would think. like if you saw shark night 3d the dog wasn’t only the best character but the hero to.

  • TaronCodar
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    That is why I hate horror movies these days. The awesome characters (like the sheriff) get killed and the douchebags (like rooster boy) get to live to the end. It’s like the writers love to piss the audience off. Face it horror movies are ruined.

    By the way awesome review Phelous! I can’t wait for the sequel. Sequels tend to be more cheesy than the first but it will be hard to top this film in cheesiness.

  • Tenjikurounin
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    Awww this is terrible and hilarious! If you want a really terrible movie watch Primeval if you wanna see a crocodile run faster then a jeep also the trailer makes it look like a serial killer haha.

  • darkdav3
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    I never heard of this movie, The free willy moment with the crocodile was brilliant lol they really jumped the crocodile with that one im I right!? It was hillarious when you brushed away the fire at the end. Im surprised there were no resident evil 2 reference with the giant crocodile

  • ggbhtg
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    I have…NOT seen this movie and that’s aaaaaall I have to say! :V :V :V

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    that cops theme sounds a little bit like smoke on the water. lol loved the crocodile pulling a free willy over the boat though.
    But I think I’ll stick to Lake Placid, thank you very much lol

  • billmonday
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    I’ve not seen this film but from the bits you’ve shown and that hotel is this a sequel to eaten alive? I know that’s a Tobe Hooper film but i’ve never of heard this. Love the vids by the way mate.

  • The FanFic Critic
    The FanFic Critic
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    Your reactions were priceless, Phelous! I am looking forward to your next review!

  • Nils B-Film
    Nils B-Film
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    Very funny review. The use of Troll 3 with the sheriffs theme was priceless. The ending sketch was very funny, especially whiping the flames asside. Tobe Hober have made so much garbage, which is baffeling when you know he can also make really good films. The Save Willy crocodyle jump felt like a CGI wrighting came from George Lucas or something. About that hotel with the croc story… is Hooper saying this is some kinda reimagination of his crocodyle hotel “My name is Buck and I’m here to fuck” 70s flick ‘Eaten Alive’? Also, was that a Chainsaw Massacre cameo at 3:05? The expression of the fellow was very similar to the crazy gas station owner from Chainsaw.

  • LukeAConroy
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    Damn that crocodile could fly.

  • Razorgeist
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    Oh Toby Hooper *Shakes head*

  • A Matteo Sandwich
    A Matteo Sandwich
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    The cop was awesome as this review ! Anyways Phelous if you are ever going to have any intentions to do another Stephen King movie adaptation i suggest watching “Children of the Corn” (2009), it’s such a terrible movie, .-.

  • habitbrokken
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    I have to comment that crocodile mothers do not just drop babies in water and leave them to their own devices female crocodiles protect young for several months.


    Other than that great review I laughted so hard I startled my cat

  • Dejablue
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    I think I remember seeing this many years ago late at night on the SciFi channel when I was spending the night at my grandma’s.  I can’t remember how old I was but I’m sure I was just old enough to remember this movie was stupid.

  • Filby
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    Princess was totally in league with the croc.

  • RoperFDF
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    These Crocodile reviews are hilarious man. Top 10 for sure. Keep it up

  • Vuotaja
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    …About the “bulletproof”-thing. I’m pretty sure that if there ever was a croc of that size, it could ACTUALLY be ‘bulletproof’ against most of the smallarms. This is ofcourse just my suggestion, because there is no way we could ever try to proove that ;D.. But the skin in some nile crocodiles is *really* so thick that it can make you into a believer. Only reason I brought this up because you made a semi-big thing about it.
    Sorry to nitpick. Love the show 😉

  • New To The Terror
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    I would love to see who writes all the stupid characters in this movie. Quote: “I need some idiots to bump off in an extremely annoying and fake way. Who usually does stupid things while drunk? Teenagers and Young Adults!”

  • Scooter
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    The sherrif’s theme sounds like it’s trying to be the Simpson’s theme.

  • BlueCurse60
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    That crocodile was in much better movies than these ones. Bet she doesn’t put them on her resume when applying for other work.

  • turbowolf7
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    what a great person! how could anyone not love this guy? you’d have to be a crocodile to not enjoy his wit and insight. don’t you just love pointless “hero’s” (sherrif, croc hunter) that just die and douchy mcdouche faces that live like rooster head? oh oh! i don’t like rooster head so i must be a croc! i bet the guy that played the sheriff also said he wouldn’t do this movie unless he had a theme song, i know i’d want one

  • TheWhitefire
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    Canada: A People’s History references? You won me over, Phelous!

  • WolfQueen87
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    and CGI crocodile lived happily ever after. =)
    Sadly some of the people lived too…. I’ll just pretend Mama Croc hunted them down and killed them later!