• TheFreeman
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    I could never make it more than 10 minutes in to any Jeepers Creepers movie…

  • weirdbard
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    OKay, its been a while since I watched Jeepers Creepers 2 so I might be wrong but I remember that the reason the kids don’t drive the bus on the rim and make their escape was because the bus driver took the keys with her when she left the bus and was nabbed by old Jeeper boy.


    So unless you are saying that high school teenagers might know how to hotwire a bus….  Okay, you win.  Why didn’t they just take off in the bus?



    The throwing stars and stuff.  The first movie showed that Jeepers has a sense of asthetic when it comes dead human bodies.  he likes to make stuff out of  them like decorations so tools aren’t really that far fetched.  He’s been a llive for a while and we know from the first movie at least that he knows how to drive and listens to the radio so maybe he caught a few kung fu movies on tv between snack breaks and thought… Throwing stars?  That might be fun to make in my home and craft classes.



    And as for why Jeeper boy didn’t just grab the ones he wanted right off rather than all that flying around and crap… They say in the first movie that Jeepers like its victims to be terrified.  So basically Jeepers was just screwing with their heads so they would be as pumped up on fear as he could get them.  Sort of like that extra dollop of hot sauce on a Taco Bell taco.



    Enjoyed your reivew as always.


    Don’t forget to feed your evil cat self generic cat chow.. The real stuff is too good for him.


    • Phelous
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      They really didn’t say the keys were gone. That’d work at least a bit. They do that bit of bringing up driving the bus again later and the argument is “ON THE RIM!?”.

  • Zarosguth
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    An honest question.
    Though seeing as how you’re still in the closet for this review *insert lame coming out of the closet joke here* I’d say it is.

    And Phelous, my deepest respect for you getting through this *insert lame shit comparison here* of a film.

    • JDB15
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      The first Jeepers Creepers had the working title of “Here Comes the Boogeyman.” So it seems like it.

      Best to get these movies over with sooner rather than later.

  • Peloquin
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    After this amazing sequel it makes me wonder why Jeepers Creepers 3 has been in development hell for about 5 years now, IMDB lists it as a 2013 release but its been talked about for so long I doubt it will ever get made, thankfully.

    Also bloodless decapitations FTW.

  • Ralok
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    the knife was attempting to return to him I guess


    and yes it was a plot point, they tipped one of their spears  with the knife so it wouldnt miss


    how did you miss that phelan?

  • RedSarah
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    The part that bothered me about the Creeper in this is if he’s just harvesting organs/body parts from people to regenerate, where do the wings come from?

    And, yeah, I know his face is all weird and not very human, so that doesn’t make sense either.

    I think the only way to please the majority is die in every review and make sure you tell us every role that every actor was in, especially the unpopular stuff, and if anyone has a rap sheet. Then Phelous and the Movies will be worth its huge budget!

    Yay, I’m so happy Cat Phelous D1 kept his outfit, lol, but you’re dooming him to a short life by making him an outdoor cat!

  • Marussia
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    Ok so no wonder these movies are a piece of shit, like you can expect something good from a pedophile.
    I can’t believe they actually give this guy an oppertunity to work and make money. Disgusting.

    • octo7
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      I can’t believe they actually give this guy an oppertunity to work and make money. Disgusting.[/quote]



  • ggbhtg
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    I saw this movie.


    …yep, that’s all I have to say. :V

  • B-Flick Chick
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    Really enjoyed that review, but kind of lost on the coming out of the closet thing. Were we supposed to throw you a coming out party? If so RedSarah didn’t send me an invite. I love PD1 Cat, he/she is so cute. Could someone explain the lupa fart joke thing? I’ve noticed in a few other reviewers recent reviews. Does she have really bad gas? Or is it a ref to one of her reviews? First I saw of it was her crossover with NChick.

    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    What surprises me is no ones mentioned how the director is a child molestor. He deserves to rot in hell while getting his balls chewed off by (In Charlton Heston Voice)  polar bears. Repeatedly!

    EDIT MAJOR EDIT!!!! I spoke too soon WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too soon. Still, he does deserve to rot in hell while having his balls chewed off repeatedly by (In Charlton Heston Voice) Polar Bears!

  • ADR
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    I really liked the first Jeepers Creepers mostly for its originality, the feeling of no one being able to help you, the cast, the excellent make up, and its mysterious mythology. This movie missed all of those traits, and I’m surprised this review wasn’t longer. Great review, though!

  • MER
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    Ok, now I get why JC all of a sudden was attacking High schoolers. It makes sense knowing who directed it now b/c the premise confused me for years.

    Also, did he wink at them just before he licked the window? O_o yuk!

    • RedSarah
      Fighting Steffi Love
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      Haha, I need to get some sleep or something…I read JC and thought you were talking about Jesus at first – that would’ve been a different movie!

      • B-Flick Chick
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        I thought the same thing. Then you get a mental image of old Jeeps in a robe and sandals, suddenly the benny hin music starts playing.

  • omendaos
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    Is this the last Boogeyman or are you going to review BLOODSUCKERS along with JAKE & JULIE VS. THE BOOGEYMAN Too?

  • Deafmatch
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    Protip: When trapped in a room slowly filling with poisonous gas just hold your breath till the poisoners open the door to “Destroy the remains”.


  • TaronCodar
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    As bad as Jeepers Creepers 2 was with all the plot holes and annoying characters it was still better than the first for a few reasons.
    1. No plot is better than a poorly written, annoying, plot that drags on and and is never interesting.
    2. At least in this film we got to see the creeper get killed, even if it was only for 23 years.
    3. My most HATED trope was in the first movie, the downer ending. No joy or hope just bleakness. Downer endings are okay if they teach a lesson but the first films was just to be cruel. And the sisters offer being rejected just made it crueler since that offer could have led to a kind of touching ending.

  • elhamburger
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    They are making a 3rd one according to IMDB, I know what you’ll b reviewing someday LOL

  • Darth Revan
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    -me- I know! we should stay in the bus and hide with jeepy weepy out there we will be safe in here -girl- i think we should drive the bus out of here -me- ON THE RIMS NO WAY!!! -guy- i think we should do it its the only way out -me- *takes out a gun* NOW WERE GOING TO STAY IN HERE AND HANG OUT TOGETHER and talk about the TEAM

  • Dejablue
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    Hmm… I don’t remember any shot establishing the keys not being in the ignition.  I don’t know why the Bus driver would take the keys out if the bus is “broken” and she was only meant to take a brief look around.  Is there really going to be a third movie?  That would mean Creepers managed to get itself off the wall and kill the old man.  But the old man deserves it for not killing the thing when he had ample time.

  • filmdevourer
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    Yes, this movie is horrible. However, it was better than the first. It did not take itself as seriously as the original and had more fun. That is why the plot holes are so much more obvious and prevalent. JUST DRIVE AWAY! In saying that, I do not think I will ever be able to watch this movie the same way again after knowing the director’s past. Thank you, Phelous.

  • BegleiterKubus
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    that lamp hating knife…huh…good for the lamp in ametyville 4 that it wasnt arround there…that would have shorten the movie quiet a bit… (did this sentense make sence…somehow o_O)

  • IHadAShotgun
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    Psychic girl is Season 1 Meg from Supernatural! Incorporating every horror movie into the Supernatural universe would enrich them immensely. Teasing a busload of douchebags with bits of information would be perfectly in character for her.

  • turbowolf7
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    high school kid has gun…. coming from “the big game”…. and coaches never knew? thats why they’re “stand in the doorway of the  bus” best!how did anyone survive this movie (aside from ray wise since he did something) guess old creepster was cuz feeling to sluggish after gorging on derry products (ha ha bad jokes are fun)

  • Spikeprime
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    Umm Phelous, bit of a problem–this isn’t Jeepers Creepers 2, this is Jeepers Creepers 1. Please fix this some time.

  • Relaxo
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    Movie’s pretty bad, review is funny and good (dug you calling him Masta Creepah, Wu Tang!) and shout out to Ray Wise for existing. Good ass actor.

    Sorry, I’m drunk.