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    hiro was the last ninja of 1 clan, not ever. mr myagi’s ninja clan fell apart after daniel-san, from the karate kid movies, stole the secret of the crane kick from him selling it to the cobra kai dojo thus killing hiro’s parents and causing the next karate kid. heh rita repulsa. still better than part 4. if only steve james was still around but after he got paid for part 3 he wisely ran away. it would’ve been really awesome if ralph macchio was rita repulsa’s character

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    Lupa a nitpick about your nitpicking:

    You CAN have “Ninja clans”, since Ninjitsu was often passed from father to son as was common also in other martial arts schools in Japan. An (historical) example are the Iga and Koga clans.

    Passing the knowledge of martial arts from father to son was core to japanese martial arts. It’s not strange indeed that many japanese martial arts movies make a big deal about “style X being better than style Y”. A particular style was usually associated with a family or clan, hence honor was at stake.

    In the movie Hiro is the last ninja of a particular clan, not the last ninja ever. Basically Pat Morita wants the kid to continue the family tradition.

    Basically it’s like Pat Morita in the Karate Kid, who learned karate from his dad (and his dad from his own dad I suppose) and is passing on the knowledge to Ralph Macchio since he has no son. Yet if Morita has a son in Karate Kid, the son would have been the heir to the “Miyagi Karate”.

    Anyway this movie sucks balls, but great review!

    American Ninja went to hell from AN3 onwards… sigh