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    He’s all over these credits!

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    I’m like cameo trolling.

  • EmynStranger
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    This isn’t a review of Afterlife!!! I’m so outraged, blah blah slow-mo etc. 😛

    I might have to check this movie out. Somehow I’ve managed to see all the live-action RE movies but never this one. It does look interesting, even though I’m not sure about some things like why their mouths don’t move that much and why any girl would instantly go gaga over tea.

    Nice to see you review a movie you don’t hate, and looking forward to you giving Afterlife the treatment it deserves. Also, Panda and D1: you guys are hilarious.

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    Boo to you Phelous for tricking us, but alas I’m glad you did this movie insted. I enjoyed this movie at least compaired to the others. Good review, and hurry up with the Afterlife review!

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    Since you said you were doing Afterlife next, I gave it a 50/50 shot. 🙂

    I really like Degeneration. It has its problems, but it’s still pretty entertaining. Claire’s the best thing in it. The zombie attack at the airport was really good, and Curtis feels like a boss fight.

    I always lol at the end when Angela turns around in that dress – her chest is ridiculous.

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    Resident Evil: Degeneration is actually available to watch for free on Crackle.Com. You’ve got to endure a few commercial but aside from that it plays fine. Ironically, my only exposure to RE series is primarily from Phelous, I’ve never played any of the games so I approached this movie from the perspective of a survival/horror fan, armed only with what I knew watching these reviews. On it’s own, it’s pretty cool though for me personally, the CGI was near that ‘uncanny valley’ at times where the actors could almost be mistaken as real, which could be distracting.

    Also, not sure why but this might be one of my favorite title cards I’ve seen done for your show.

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    I like the animated movie a lot better than any of the live action ones. When the first Resident Evil live action movie was released, I liked it because it had its good parts and it was that time I still had hopes for the movies being good. I’ve watched the first three live action movies but just can’t make myself to watch the fourth, every time I try, I’m bored at the beginning and quit. They are garbage. I hate the fact that when there is a movie in the making, based on a book, the writers actually put an effort in trying to make the movie script resemble the story of the books they are based on but a game-based movie can’t have a storyline resembling the game plot itself?! F*** that. Game-based movies mostly interest the fans of the games, that’s why they should resemble the games! Well, I admit, the Resident Evil movies had made a lot of money, if I’ve understood correctly but it’s both due to the fact that fans will watch the game-based movies even if they know they’re not good just because they exist and there are other people who are not gamers but will watch anything.

    Tell me if you didn’t get what I am saying, I might sometimes write confusingly.

    Phelous, if you’re gonna review Resident Evil Degeneration and not Afterlife, NAME the TITLE right. You mislead me!


    I hope the next CGI movie will be at least as good as this one.

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    Phelous ripped off AVGN! AVGN in his Superman 64 review tricked the fans by reviewing Superman for the commodore 64 before reviewing the game the fans wanted him to! Same joke here! Shame on you Phelous you are the new Irate Gamer! (Note this is sarcasm do not take me seriously).

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    I miss when the Resident Evil games were good and scary, it seems when the series creator Shinji Mikami left Capcom have been trying their hardest to destroy this series.

    Not only have Crapcom turned the game series into boring third person shooters on steroids, they help produce Paul W S Anderson’s shitty fan fic Matrix movies.

    Since when did a horror title such as RESIDENT EVIL give the greedy Hollywood morons the idea to ‘adapt’ it into a badly made action series?!?!

    Anyway your reviews are entertaining and I suppose these movies keep getting made so that you have more comedy material.

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    I want to say that “YOU WANNA HAVE TEA WITH ME?” bit was a good Muppet impression, but I can’t remember which Muppet, exactly. Did Animal ever talk?

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    Nice Review as always and waiting for the Afterlife Review… But I have a SUPER SERIOUS question: Will you do a review of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game and webseries? You could even invite Sub-Zero to help you, but just be careful not to beat him many times so he doesn’t freeze you…

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    Should be title Degeneration deerrrr, and for once Pandas theme song made me watch the entire credits! kudos to you chumboy.

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    Paul W.S. Anderson not only known for making the Craptastic Resident Evil Live film adaptation but Also known as the same person who made the First “Mortal Kombat” Film The first adaptation to a Rated M18+ Fighting game that turned out to be a Pretty Damn Good Movie.

    When he said he wasn’t gonna direct the sequal This is how I pictured it “You Know what I think i’ll go F@#k up a good Videogame making and adaptation to it I don’t care about Mortal Kombat anymore. And mabye I’ll ad a Character who’s not even in the game and Makes all the main characters look like Useless Side kicks. And Thats how The resident evil: Movies came to Be along with alice! Because george romero can’t out smart My genius.

    …I’m glad I bought RE: Degeneration It beats paul anderson’s @$$ to the ground!!

    Plus when I watched RE: Degeneration I Actually Didn’t realise it was claires Original voice actress till I hooked up my PSone and started playing RE2 again because I Hadn’t played it in the Past couple of years.

    Well any way… What could Paul be planning on F#@%in’ up Next STREET FIGHTER? Oh wait 20th Century Fox Already did That!


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    … Despit my hatred for emos, I love emo Barry from the title card! Speaking of which, I wonder why Barry never appeared in any of the live-action movies yet? Oh well, I guess its actually a good thing considering Paul W.S Anderson has butchered up the rest of the Resident Evil characters that came from the games (he’s even starting to mess up Alice at this stage with her cloning robot slow-mo kung fu crap)

    As for Degeneration, I haven’t seen it yet but it always intrigued me. It reminds me of the old Japanese-only Resident Evil 3d animation called “Resident Evil 4D Executer” (Phelous, you should check that out if you already haven’t, I’d love to hear your opinion on it).

    The initial setting of an airport seems pretty cool, and with Claire and Leon as the main characters, Claire appearing to look after a little girl (similar to Sherry) and the guy that injects himself with the G Virus turning into a monster identical to Dr Birkin, the whole movie looks very reminescent of Resident Evil 2, which has always been my favorite RE game.

    *Barney Gumble voice* I LIKE IT. While you say it isn’t perfect, it still looks better than ANYTHING that Paul W.S Anderson has pulled from betwixt his buttocks.

    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Damn I missed you Phelous. 🙂

  • The FanFic Critic
    The FanFic Critic
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    This movie does look pretty decent. Good luck with the Afterlife review. You’ll need it…

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    Great Vid ^^ can’t wait for RE Afterlife

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    All I got to say, besides that this is better than the live movies (Yeah, what else is new?), is that I’m glad that Leon is in this instead of any of the live movies. As far as I know, he is the only main character (and by that, I mean “starred in two or more games”) in the series that was not in them, and if he did, they would probably do him the way they did Jill: Just pushed aside in the ‘awesomeness’ of Alice. Now that I think about it, I bet the reason he’s not in the movies is because he’s so awesome, that Alice, with all of her powers, wouldn’t match up to it, and god forbid someone is more awesome than Alice.

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    great review, capcom is making a sequel to degeneration set for release in 2012 I think, I look forward to it.

  • megadolaon
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    I thought I would hear at least one “I got a shotgun” gags in here. Or some more of Barry’s dialogue 😛

  • turbowolf7
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    when the senator dies that all i can think now, thanks eli roth. also even though i like this movie when you pointed out out asian leon i can’t help but laugh when i rewatch it

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    Last Phelous video to contain non Channel Awesome staff as side characters.