• Dorkin T Wizzard
    Dorkin T Wizzard
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    really? 2 time jumps, well, 3 to be honest….you have saved me watching another shit storm. Thanks

  • ggbhtg
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    I forget…did you just review something?

  • Temi4
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    Oh YEEESSS, another “awesome” PARTYYY and also awesome review =)

  • emerson999
    Old Man
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    By just how fantastic your reviews are. Normally I just tolerate the tangents a lot of your colleges seem to love so much. So when it seemed like, at the end, that was where it was going I just went to my normal mental happy place. Or at least started to, when you pulled back with the usual meh. Which was fantastic.

    Though, the funny thing is, along with the nostalgia critic and chick, I actually ‘like’ your tangents. They don’t detract from the over all review like a lot of the others do, instead actually adding to the general tone presented in it. It’s flavoring on top of the reviews instead of just randomly mixing together two full meals that wind up detracting from both.

    tl:dr: Your stuff rocks.

    • Gunwild
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      Well, his asides are usually based on what he’s reviewing, which I appreciate. ‘Cept this Doctor Who thing I guess, but it’s not like it dominates the review.

      I’m so disappointed that manic priest and his dog didn’t reappear. They seemed to really get to Phelous, and what enrages him amuses me.

  • Nils B-Film
    Nils B-Film
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    If being dressed up as a girl’s the only criteria, then I want super zombie Ed Woood NOW!

    Man, it’s sad to see what the creator of Return of The Living Dead have sunk to now. And a waste of Tom Savini’s awesome too.

    • Escelante
      Old Man
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      Speaking of being dressed as a girl, I can’t believe that a “Sleepaway Camp” joke could have been let go of so easily…. Regardless, rad review. Kudo’s to you, you silly Canadian bastard.

  • Escelante
    Old Man
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    ….except when the facts aren’t straight. John Russo had very little if anything to do with the “Return of the Living Dead”. Yes, he’d written a book with that title, but that’s about it. Dan O’Bannon and two other writers had more handywork in that movie than Russo did. I myself found “Return….” to be one of the best zombie movies ever, and by far, much more entertaining that Romero’s “Day of the Dead”. “Return of the Living Dead” is a great classic zombie movies and was the first movie to have “fast” and intelligent zombies. It’s just unfortunate that it had it’s own unfortunate sequels that more than jumped the shark after the first sequel, but went on to rape the shark with a razor-wire covored 24″ dildo covored in 30 grit sandpaper.

  • captain obvious
    captain obvious
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    There should be one body in this here coffin, and this here coffin should be burried, in this here grave.


    Glad I could help with that, you’re welcome.

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Was Tom Savini doped up on cold medicine when he dubbed his lines?

    “Zombies don’t take to children.” What?

    Aha! I know what the connection between the two movies is! They both have graveyards run by people who have never buried anyone! Seriously, the holes are dug *before* the coffin gets there, guys. No need for random people to stand around in front of shovels or for the coffins to be laid on top of…something boxlike under the astroturf drape.

    I love Stupid Surprised Precious Moments, and I’m looking forward to next week’s crossover! :awesome:

  • conyo985
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    I watched the first 2 parts on youtube and I laughed at every minute of it. The shoddy production values is so bad that you can’t help but ridicule it. Everything about this movie is below amateur level because at leat an amateur that went to film class should know the what not’s of filmmaking.

  • StormyPopsicle
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Did this movie really have any main characters at all? Its focused changed to much and it had so many plot holes..

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    A pretty pointless movie all round
    No gore, plot , no…..stuff
    Though they might be able to make a caleidoscope out of all the different tints
    Worst movie starring Tom Savini I’ve seen…….are there worse?
    Now I must rest my face, it’s sore from smurking and squinting so hard

  • davidrobert96
    Old Man
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    Man phelan you never stop freakin’ out over every scene of the movie But hey theres every reason to be Mad at zombie horror movies of today.

    Reasons Zombies Suck! NOW!!

    1. Zombies always run In movies now…
    2. Zombies have Super strength?
    3. They don’t say brains No more 🙁
    4. They use weapons alot to much infact (it was good in HOTD not the uwe boll crap though)
    5. We must kill paul anderson and Bring back romero.
    6.Hollywood needs to get off they’re sh*t and make a decent zombie movie with no super powers and all that gay RE: afterlife Bull sh*t!!!

  • Jellah-Feesh
    Just might make the CUT
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    The video did a pause-and-buffer at 0:18, where you look all like “La la la, I’m gonna review a MOVIE! Yay!” A rather stark contrast to what you were actually saying. Great review!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I actually enjoyed this movie.

  • PANDorica
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    “But later that day when it’s getting blue out…”
    Phelous, you kill me.