Humains – Commentary

Benzaie and Phelous relive their amazingly exciting experience making the Humains Review! They ain’t afraid of no Teenage Mutant Neanderthals!


  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
    Comments: 171

    I’m happy, a commentary on one of my favorite reviews! :awesome:

    I can’t believe you were able to do this review when it wasn’t even subtitled in english! Having to run a spanish file through a translator…that dialogue must’ve made so much sense.

    You guys did a great job improv-ing based on only seeing the movie once or twice, too. I wouldn’t have been that coherent.

  • Doleth
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    Wait, don’t you have to learn french at school in your province? Or is it just because of their accent and the speed they talk?

    • PiiSPii
      Old Man
      Comments: 1

      At least here in Ontario, French education kind of sucks. It’s mandatory from grades 4-9, but during that period all we were ever taught was how to conjugate verbs in the various tenses and some really simple sentences.

      Mind you, in grade 6 we got a special lesson on all the curse words in French. Not sure if that counts for anything though…

      • Phelous
        Comments: 624

        Yeah that’s basically how it was for me. I took it in grade 10 still but stopped after that because I barely got through it. French was pretty much ruined for me in grade 9 when I had a teacher that completely lost control of our class and we really learned nothing that year. She even let the class to convince her to have a cross word on an exam…

        • RedSarah
          Fighting Steffi Love
          Comments: 171

          Same thing happened with my second year German class in 12th grade. We barely needed to speak any German and our teacher mainly told stories about her travels in Europe. They were pretty entertaining, and educational if you want to learn how to drink beer out of a glass boot without spilling it all over yourself, but still. Now all I remember are a few Christmas carols and a song about learning how to say “how are you” to a fish, and those I learned first year.

  • Jorda75
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 27

    Love commentaries, it’s like getting double the value from a review!

    I had a very similar experience with French, except that when I turned 13 we moved to New Brunswick, which is a “bilingual province”, so I went from barely knowing/caring about French to being thrust into a class far more advanced for me. I flubbed, cheated and scammed my way through grade 9 and 10 French and then left it in the dust. I still understand a fair amount of it because I hear it everyday but I can’t speak it or write to save my life from a Neanderthal or their oddly sympathetic and then oddly hateful human allies.

    This movie actually could have been kind of interesting, if they had sat down and thought about it for more than 5 seconds. What really gets me is that one of the theories as to why Neanderthals disappeared is that they were bred into a much denser human population, so the whole reason the Neanderthals have for existing in this movie, to procreate, won’t even work. What I am saying, this movie doesn’t deserve any kind of logical thinking, great commentary all the same from both of you guys 🙂

  • electronsexparty
    Comments: 17

    Yay! I loved this review, so having a commentary from you guys is awesome. You and Benzaie have great chemistry together.

  • KaitoKId
    Comments: 9

    I realy liked this review. It’s always nice to see people from diffirent continents rip on the same stupid stuff.

    Anyway, I’ve been wondering what the tune at 21:10 is. Can anybody help me out? Its been bothering me.