• Richard Wesker
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    In the opening FMV, Dahlia is supposedly running away from the monsters popping up all over town. Funny LP, dialog in the game is even worse than I remember it.

  • Earthbound_X
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    If you could actually see the words on my avatar, you’d notice it’s what said in the intro.


    “The Fear of Blood tend to create fear for the Flesh.”


    Had this avatar for awhile now, so far no one has asked why a person named Earhbound_X has a Silent Hill avatar, haha.


    Oh wait, I’m a dumbass, that avatar was too big for this site lmao!

    So I found a random Castlevania bat.


    This comment will make much more sense at TGWTG.

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Ahh, this made my day! :awesome: I’m really enjoying how much fun you’re having with this. It’s interesting to hear what you thought the first time you played and then see how many times you’ve played by completely bypassing the backtracking the game tries to make you do. If that makes any sense… Love your singing, and the Wilson ref. 🙂

  • StormyPopsicle
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Wow that was awesome. Brought back memories of me screaming and running from those Air screamers. >_> the jerks.

    I was like… 12 when I played this in 02… and the dogs always scared the hell out of me. I will proudly admit that I am not a fearless gamer when it comes to the silent Hill series. Plus dogs freak me out… The game did its job i suppose… I was really drawn into it and would start to see my self as Harry so when he was attack it was like I was being attacked…. Unlike your lets play running and shenanigans I was so paranoid in that game. I sucked. Lol. I reeeally can’t wait to see how this LP ends.

  • electronsexparty
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    It’s so fun watching you play this. Horror games freak me out exponentially more than horror movies, so I never play them. But, I love watching people play horror games, which I guess is kind of like watching a horror movie. 

    Harry certainly doesn’t need anymore brain damage, with the shit he says. “What’s this?” “What’s this?” “What’s this?” Fuck, Harry, get a clue.

    I love hearing you sing about the stuff happening on screen. It’s makes feel like less of weirdo, knowing that you do it too. Actually… wait. (Kidding!)

    I haven’t played the sort of game that involves virtually endless running around in quite a long time. How much running around are you doing now, now that you know where to go and what to do, compared to the first time you played? (How many times have you played this game?)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next parts.

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    your need to call for reinforcements will destroy us all

    hmph… your need to know who i am shooting at will destroy us all

    hmm….your need to me have seen your daughter will destroy us all

  • Redbrenden
    Old Man
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    can you do a lets play of resident evil

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
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    ” I got a key! YES! I got some bullets! OUCH! “

  • Scooter
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I got the first video to play but it is being such an ass not letting me watch the second.