• Red_queen2003
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    Great review♥♥♥ i enjoyed it alot♡ 

    Thnk u very much♥

  • lunabuna
    Bat Hero
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    You seem harsh on your old review, but I love it! I  know we’re our own worst critics, but I’m sure people love it despite anything that could be wrong about it. 🙂

    And the guy that plays Peter? According to Greg’s book, he told Tommy he could do the part but had to be done by [date] due to another role he was taking. Yeah…. they went over, so he bailed.

    It’s also fun to watch the “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!” part because Greg said there was no believable way to say that line, and Tommy was making him do it over and over, so eventually he just let out his personal frustrations in that line and nailed it.

    Tommy’s short as hell IRL. Something like 5′ 7″. He had a little not-booth at Comic Con one year. It wasn’t a booth; more like he reserved the space, put down a tarp, and was just doing random shit on it. Photos with fans, I assume. It was surreal.