• Noob Smoke 76
    Noob Smoke 76
    Old Man
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    GREAT second episode of mortal komedy SUB-ZERO WINS FATALITY ONLY 998 LIVES FOR SCORPION.

  • MrBonesHOK17
    Old Man
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    Love, Love, Love Mortal Komedy. Phelan, you sir, are a Genius. But I must say, that the gentleman playing Raiden has, by far, the most prominent Canadian accent I’ve ever heard. Every time he says “Out World” I chuckle. It’s “Out World”, not “Oat World”.

  • Miss-DNL
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    I just LOVE this series and how pretty much everyone is portrayed!

    The Rayden-Tsung scene and Scorpion vs Johnny Cage scene are awesome XD