I'm Your Man Part 3 and 4

Part 3

Part 4
Guy Shafor
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Eli Roth
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Aw man...

Without their mystery, the cheeseballs have lost all interest.  You had ONE thing going for you, movie an' ye FUCKING BLEW IT!!!

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Eli Roth
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in the 90s they must of really thought interactive dvd was the way to go,screw videos games ive got my interactive dvd game.oh and it was nice that richards gun was still making loud shots even tho it was silenced  anyway its nice to have some videos from the two of you together

Rise to Obscurity
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Eli Roth
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"We should handle this

"We should handle this strictly professionally." Proceeds to whip out a gun in front of like at least twenty witnesses.
Clearly, Richard was the best man for the job.