• Aethelred
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    Wait, Hobbie is still 13? Even with that one year age regression I thought he’d be older by now.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I dunno…I think perhaps Baywatch’s one positive quality may be that the show is an equal opportunity exploitation and negative stereotype promoter for both genders. I don’t know any guys who look or act like the shallow, faux macho, sculpted oily pecs with no shirt wearing D-bags on this show.

    That of course doesn’t justify any of the negative female stereotypes, it simply makes it easier to believe the producers and writers were just shallow and  lazy, not malicious.

  • smorgasbord
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    They never really know what to do with Hobie’s plots, do they? Either he gets a random one-episode crush or some pedo’s after him. Tough going!

    • Jon Protagonist
      Jon Protagonist
      Leader of the Decepticons
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      Back when this show was the silly pop culture phenomenon that it was, the running joke for late night comics and people generally mocking the show was: “Hobie, stay away from that pier!” or “Hobie, didn’t I warn you about drinking down by the pier?”

      If we had internet memes back in the mid-90’s this would have been a big one.

  • CyborgPrince
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    Oh, the drama. All the forced drama. We need all this drama for our season finale, even if it seems very contrived. Johnny Danger should change his name to Stranger Danger.

    A couple of times you said ‘sexual assault’ when I think it was just sexual harassment. Doesn’t sexual assault usually entail rape or molestation? Both are wrong, but on very different levels. I’m glad you brought up the fact that men are sexually harassed too and often don’t report it. You really don’t see that being covered very often on shows, and when it is, it’s usually in a comedic manner where the guy is the butt of the joke. One of the “it’s funny when it happens to a man” tropes, it seems.

    I see Baywatch is tackling serious issues in its usual manner, which involves completely fucking it up.

    • Obscurus Lupa
      Obscurus Lupa
      Bat Hero
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      My understanding is that sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact, which would include kissing and groping. I’m not sure unwanted kissing is always labeled under sexual assault, but in some cases it is, and she most definitely kisses Matt without asking.

  • happymel2
    Robert Cop
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    Great video as usual.