• Vahan Nisanian
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    There were two more Halloween episodes in “Halloween II 1/2” and “The Halloween Door”. “Halloween II 1/2” was good, but it would have been so much better if it hadn’t been for the Junior Ghostbusters, and “The Halloween Door” is on par with “When Halloween Was Forever”.

  • Zoombie
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    Actually, Winston could have been checking to see if it was a power outage due to failing power lines or due to some kind of supernatural/psychokinetic effect. I’m sure there’s ghosts out there that can impact electricity or radiothermal generators (I.E, what the ghostbusters are wearing.)


    SO THAT MEANS PHELOUS DOESN’T HATE IT AFTER ALL! It’s a Christmas Halloween miracle!

    • joliet_jane
      Just might make the CUT
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      I agree. If a powerful ghost monster thing has the ability to shut off electricity with no visible means, it’s reasonable that Winston would check to see if their equipment was affected.

  • Nasuth
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    You might say Ray had RAYPE EYES in the scene where he talks about the birth of Halloween. Eh? EEHHH?

  • Spike
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Yay! Love it when you talk about these old childhood shows of yours. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment is quite contagious.

    Still, while this is an enjoyable episode, and Samhain is quite memorable as you say, I gotta say it and he have some major problems. Mainly it’s that I think Samhain, in all his appearances, was kinda lamer than he should’ve been in terms of how he’s beaten. I think it really should’ve been daylight that hurts him, not just any old light given off by anything (how can he be so comfortable in the streets with street lamps shining directly at him too??). You could say it’d be too difficult for them to integrate sunlight into an episode like this, but they could’ve had Egon whip up something to simulate the same radioactivity and light given off by the sun to work, we’d have bought it and it would’ve made it more of a challenge than just shining flash lights at him and proton-packing him. That and the really ugly moments all over this episode where the characters would be massively off-model, like that bit where Peter made Egon jump, his face was all deformed and weird, those animation errors were really distracting for me personally.

    Still, this was a pretty enjoyable one overall and the characters always were a tonne of fun in the proper version of this show, even if the plots surrounding them could be iffy at times their personalities saw it through well enough to cover that.

  • Spike
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    Oh, actually, I forgot about one of the big annoying things I found with this episode, and the show in general; those stupid irritating song sequences that added nothing to the episode besides screwing with the tone. From what I understand, there was an album made alongside the show itself containing a bunch of random, vaguely horror-themed songs (which sometimes weren’t even that) which the show runners were forced to promote by sticking them as background music in basically every episode. Not a single one of these songs matched the tone or pacing of the episodes and were quite randomly forced in there just to promote the album, and they always bothered me. This is, in my opinion, the absolute worst example of it since we’re supposed to see this as the creepy, tense and intimidating entrance of the spirit of Halloween, and instead we’ve got this relatively up-beat, distracting, not-scary-at-all pop song shoved in there. Some tense and creepy music would do nice, but nope, I guess this nonsensical score works too…

    Ahh well, it’s not as though it destroys the episode or anything, but like I said it bothered me in this episode more than any other.

  • SailorSlamDunk
    Just might make the CUT
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    Samhain, SAH-win, Sam Hane–whoever he is, he has a bad case of scurvy.

    This is a very good episode to highlight Lorenzo Music’s proficiency in the Venkman role. I wasn’t able to watch this as a child, so I’m glad these give me an idea of what Lorenzo was like as a performer.

  • OldMan
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    I like Slimer the best! It’s funny when he eats a lot of food!! They should have made the whole show about him!!!


  • Iudsaen
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    First time commenter, long time watcher… and by long I mean years. (Think the first thing I saw of yours was ‘the deaths of Ian stone’ or something from about then) Always loved your sense of humour and meant to thank you for so many years of entertainment, but strangely it’s this video that’s made me do it, in part because I have some experience with what you’re talking about.

    I absolutely agree with you on the whole pronunciation of ‘Sam Hein’ thing. As someone with a Gaelic name (Uisdean) Who comes from a central Irish and Scots highland family, the pronunciation of Gaelic is brought up a lot around me, especially as I live in a country where it’s not spoken. People being dicks to you for mispronouncing it though is just weird to me. That would be like someone complaining about my Chinese pronunciation; you don’t speak the language so why would you know it? To make it worse, Gaelic is in no way phonetic to the English speaking eye. Now; on one hand I get it, my ancestors, even recently, were racially abused, oppressed and denied their freedom and cultural identity. A huge part of reclaiming that identity in the modern era was the reclamation of Gaelic, so I do get when people are offended if someone with no knowledge of the culture of the Irish takes an idea from it and shows no true understanding of what it is or means to the Irish people, but I don’t get that from Strazinsky, and I don’t get that from you. This episode doesn’t seem disrespectful at all, and if anything teaches people about the Irish culture, and makes it interesting so they might want to learn more.


    I think people who focus more on pronunciation Than if a thing is respectful or done in a fun, joking way (instead of a harmful one) are focusing on the wrong thing. Yes, the pronunciation is ‘wrong’, but at least they’re showing the REAL origin of Halloween and crediting the people and the culture it came from. You brought this up in a fun, joking manner, so I don’t get people giving you grief over it either.


    TLDR; I agree on the pronunciation thing, and I think the tone and WAY something is discussed is more important than mispronunciations of a language someone might not speak.


  • Iudsaen
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    Also I always kind of got the idea that Sam Hein’s name was a pun, like a guy called ‘Chris Mass’ or even our old pal from Satan Claus ‘Kris Kringle’

  • snorgatch
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    I just love all the little goblins in this episode.

  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
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    Anyone who doesn’t like this episode is a Zone Dweebie!

  • the_desert
    Bat Hero
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    How does it work being forever night and always Halloween? Does the world unfold, no longer facing the sun? What about places on the globe it was already well past October 31st? At 11:00 PM in New York, it’s noon the next day in Tokyo, Japan.