• Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
    Comments: 50

    I just want to say, your upload timing was perfect. Aside from being in the middle of a chemo treatment this week I just found out today that my oldest internet friend took his own life. To say this was a terrible day would be an amazing understatement.

    I needed something to lift my spirits enough to go to sleep and this arrived just in time. Your humor and energy always puts me in a good mood and I thank you deeply for making these videos.

  • Knightroglycerin
    Robert Cop
    Comments: 190

    Good lord, that burrito is huge. And thank god that cat can help those poor rich white people! And what the fuck? How do directors of such shitty movies have such huge houses? Don’t give that cat milk; cats can’t digest it properly!

  • BarryTheMasterOfSandwich
    Bat Hero
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    Lupa, this time you’ve gone too far.


    It’s one thing to force a man to watch a bad movie, but stealing his burrito is NOT COOL.


    For shame.




  • wetman
    Comments: 71

    The mom looks like a Who. Like from Dr. Seuss… With the nose and the circle her cheeks make around her mouth?


    Also does everyone start making random noises and stupid voices when they film a crossover with you? Cus I would 🙂

  • Zetto
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    Ehhhhhh, I’m a talking meeracle!?! The movie looks really dull, but you guys did a great job with it.

  • E.Wilson
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I just watched most of of the Puppet Master series a couple months ago, (because clearly, I’m a winner), and “Puppet Master III” is, while not an outstanding film, one of those B-movies that’s a whole lot better than it has any right to be. That he’d go on to do this…actually kind of bums me out. ;_;

    At least you and Doug were able to have fun with it, though. ^__^ I defintely laughed more than brutal head shots usually warrant.

  • DemonioBlanco
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I think that song wasnt a Cri-Cri song?
    or it is a generic theme?

  • PhelousD1sApprentice
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    Ah, what once was but never shall be, except when they meet up at Lewis Lovhaug(Linkara)’s wedding, and have a chance to patch things up.


    Phelan, Alison, Andrew, Julien and Mat don’t need to return to Channel Awesome, though. They have their own community now, but I’d at least hope they can make up…and in a few years, they might even do reviews with more than Brad, Nash, Lewis and such. My dream music collaboration of Julien, The Happy Viking and Luke Spencer(Rocked Reviews) may yet happen…

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
    Comments: 103

    Doug ruined this video, plain and simple. To hell with him and his homophobic judgement of other people’s shirts. “How dare a person have a shirt that isn’t the least bit manly!” Fuck you, Doug Walker.

    …there, got that off my chest.

    • Bennemans
      Old Man
      Comments: 3

      I know it’s an old comment, but I’m really curious. What did you think was homophobic about Doug in this video? Personally I found the gay jokes very funny (mostly because I was thinking the same thing), so I’m just wondering what you thought was homophobic about it. (not judging, seriously interested in your opinion)